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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi WatercolorsAngel,

Plans for the installation of offshore windmills to promote wind power in New Jersey are now in danger of being abandoned.

Support the approval of the New Jersey Wind Power project.»

Studies have concluded that the benefits of this project far outway the costs. It could create about 5,000 desperately needed jobs, reduce reliance on foreign oil, and according to the U.S. Departments of Energy and Interior, it would "provide cost-competitive electricity to key coastal regions." Overall, the project is a promising step towards reliance on alternative energy.

The Koch brothers, however, are fighting against this plan. Their group, Americans for Prosperity, released a costs-benefit analysis that distorts and misrepresents the project.

New Jersey must not allow the Koch brothers to influence the wind power project. Tell Governor Chris Christie to support the wind power project.»

Thanks for taking action!

    The reason that I am passing on this petition is since we share the planet--we share the responsibility of taking care of it. As it has been said--the environment is not ours, its our children's which we are only borrowing . It has also been said that--talk is cheap, for action speaks louder than words. Now is the time to take action.