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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Say No To Keystone XL; Start Saying Yes To. . .

Who wants to build a risky, dirty 1,700 mile oil pipeline across America's heartland? Big Oil and their lobbyists, that's who. Guess who else? Their political puppets!

The Republican presidential candidates have a lot to say about how much they love the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. But there's a few crucial facts that just don't seem to come out of their mouths. They don't say that the pipeline is hauling highly toxic crude over some of our nation's most critical water sources. They fail to mention how the first Keystone pipeline caused fourteen oil spills since 2010. And they NEVER say how much money Big Oil companies have given their campaigns.

Check out this video to hear what these puppets are saying about Big Oil's pet project and learn the truth about the dirty oil money that's been filling their bank accounts.

Click to watch the video now!

We have to wake up and smell the coffee. That pipeline will cost so much more than the few temporary jobs that it will provide. After all, a person only works for a short time in their limited life time; But once we pollute our water and our air, which we have been heating up. It will take far more to undo the damage we have done. We need to remember that an ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

Polar bears' survival depends on us slowing global warming--which is melting the ice they depend on to hunt for food. But, right now polluters are attacking the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to reduce the carbon dioxide that is threatening the livelihood of this beloved species.

In the last week, over 9,000 people like you took action to protect polar bears, but we can't stop there.

Polar bears need you to speak up for their future--please take action today!


Many species will die off, unless we do cool off this planet which we have heated up. Global Warming is Real. Global Warming needs a Real Global Solution.
Now is the time to Stop, Look and Listen. Now is the time to start our things to do list, first end the silence.
Yes, let there be wind energy and solar energy and more of the like. We can do it, if we stop bowing do to oil companies.
 One of General Electric’s top executives called the belief that the economy and the environment are competing concerns “nonsense.” Marc Vachon, the vice president of GE’s Ecomagination program, made the statement while speaking at a clean energy investment conference earlier this month. According to this ThinkProgress article, GE has been heavily investing in “clean technologies” since the founding of Ecomagination in 2005, and revenues from green investments have actually been double that of other portfolios.
Vachon was also quoted as saying, Companies that don’t get this, really risk becoming irrelevant to the marketplace. Whether you believe it for climate change or just the markets that are developing, it is our responsibility as businesses to be responsible to the design signal that the world is telling us.”