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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Meat-eating in the US has declined four years in a row and five out of the last six years, according to the Daily Livestock Report. Per person meat, poultry and fish consumption reached its maximum in 2004 at 237.5 pounds, and is now down to 224 pounds. (They say 2004 was the peak year in popularity for high protein diets such as Atkins.)"

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"Probably not as much as the global recession that affected many countries around the world. Also awareness of climate change – a global problem that is altering weather and habitats for wild animals and plants – must be changing attitudes."

The report by itself in only a report, the problem that this blogger has is when one person after another person celebrates this as good news and some even that what ever it takes to get people to become vegetarians/ vegans, like they are, is somehow good news,

Dear God, Have Mercy, Please people the end does not justify the means! Yes, it is a person's right to become a vegetarian or a vegan, but to impose it on others, is pure Nazism!  

Dear Lord, Have Mercy, People need jobs--jobs that pay--pay enough for them to be free to feed their families according to their own beliefs and their own consciousnesses. After all, the Good Lord, Did Indeed Bless us All with Free Will, which no one has the right to take away from another.  As sure as we have the right to worship whomever or whatever we please. We do have Free Will.