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Friday, August 31, 2012

Thursday Post--Shining the Light of knowledge on Insanity

The fabulists on the right are eager to blame Obama, one way or another. READ MORE»

Those Conservative Conspiracy Theories are beyond words, which is why this blogger is simply passing on the link so that they can be read more directly.

Speaking of wild and crazy theories--there is also-->

Teens Seduce Priests In Some Sex Abuse Cases, Priest Claims

 AS IF!!!!!! The Evil of this is He Is Giving Permission For Some Priests To continue Their Bad Behavior--There Is Never Any Justification In Using and Abusing A Child!!!

Our struggle for liberty is a fight against concentrated wealth. READ MORE»

Actually it was Goodbye, Privacy and Goodbye Religious Tolerance, the morning after 9/11. After all, many will look back on that day as the birthday of 'Islamaphobia'.

P.S.--I carelessly forgot--Light Needs to be shown here too-->
AlterNet's team has been in the middle of the action in Florida, documenting the dark words of Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and many more. READ MORE»

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Morning Post--In Support of ObamaCare--For The Good Of One and All Americans and the Global Community.

 Please Share This Message

Dear Readers; Yes, I am sharing this message by passing on this e-mail.

The American people have heard too many distortions about what Obamacare truly does.

As you talk to friends and neighbors in the days and months ahead, here are some facts to share. Because of health care reform:
  • 3.1 million young Americans, ages 18-26, are now covered under their parents' health insurance
  • 32 million Americans will now have access to affordable health coverage
  • 105 million people have seen lifetime limits on their insurance lifted
  • 33 million people with Medicare have already taken advantage of free preventative care services
Health care reform has helped millions of Americans obtain insurance already. It's set to help millions more gain access to affordable care in the near future. Yet Republicans in Congress have still tried to overturn or defund Obamacare more than 30 times in the past two years.

Republicans want to go back to square one, and have the same fight all over again. But because of the involvement of people like you, we’re moving forward.

I can't thank you enough for adding your voice to the more than 46,000 others that have signed our petition to protect Obamacare. Now I need you to do one more thing. Click here to share our petition with your friends on Facebook, or send a tweet to your followers on Twitter.

Thank you so much for staying engaged on this critically important issue.

After all, it is indeed very easy for those people who are doubly Blessed with Health Care and Good Health to snub ObamaCare as 'Socialized Medicine', but there are many people in the United States in need of medical assistance and/ or who have suffered not only from a decease but also from the Very High Cost of treating that decease, which may have made a few insurance companies Rich--it has also drove many people into Bankruptcy which should not be allowed to continue.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's Post is all about Jobs--Jobs--Jobs--and Much More

A look at the growing numbers of homeless and hungry college students trying desperately to make ends meet--and those who are willing to exploit them. READ MORE»

As a Mother of two grown sons, This Should Not be allowed.

But, then, again, who saids that has to be the case; Knowledge Is Indeed Power!

How to Make Office Competition Work for YouThere’s no avoiding competition in the workplace, and we all know we’ve got to be competitive to get to the top—and stay there. Read More »

Or read more at  

Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on in the hope that you will join in the fight for Ohio Jobs;

Please join Daily Kos and our partners at Fighting for Ohio Jobs to petition Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel to come clean and answer questions about how he would have voted on the 2009 loan to the auto industry that saved over 850,000 Ohio jobs. Click here to sign the petition.

In a recent meeting with the
Columbus Dispatch, Mandel called Senator Sherrod Brown “un-American” for his support of the 2009 vote to approve a loan to the auto industry that helped keep the industry from collapsing and sending millions of Americans to the unemployment line. When Mandel was asked by the Dispatch what he would have done differently, he evaded the question and dodged the follow up question leaving Ohioans to wonder, what would Mandel have done had he been in Congress, to save Ohio jobs?

Mandel won’t give Ohioans a straight answer, according to the
Twelve minutes after Mandel was asked what he would have done differently during the time of the bailout — and it had been suggested to him that he either did not have or was not offering an alternative — Mandel said: “You can write, ‘Josh’s plan would’ve been, and Josh’s plan continues to be, to reform regulations and create a better economic environment for auto manufacturing and manufacturing in general.’
This isn’t a good enough answer for the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans that could have lost their jobs. It’s time for Mandel to go on record about how he would hire Ohio and create good jobs.

Please sign the petition demanding Josh Mandel clarify his position. Ohioans want to know how this candidate would have saved jobs, what would he have done differently during the bailout?

Keep fighting,

Rachel Colyer
Associate Campaign Director, Daily Kos

This blogger goal is not only to help save jobs. It is not my desire to simply say--"Get a job" that IMO is cold hearted and cruel--I am hoping to communicate that if you need a job or a better job--hopefully and prayerfully one of the bits of advice will aid you in getting one and/ or a better one.

Strategies for Obtaining Good References - Resumebear Online Resume - Potential employers usually ask for professional references from people who can provide additional information on a candidate’s qualifications for a position.  With the fierce competition for avail...

Top 50 Ways to Ruin Your Job Interview - Resumebear Online Resume - Most of these are common sense, but some are just employers being stupid. You are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. Anybody who is willing to leave his current job...

Can Job Seekers Still Be Enthusiastic? YES! Read This…. - I LOVE getting positive feedback.  Actually, I love getting negative feedback (because it helps me know what to improve/change/polish). Here’s a message we got through our Contact page… is this awe...

HOW TO: Get a Job at a LinkedIn Connection’s Company - Resumebear Online Resume - For me, this yielded a list of companies where two or more of my connections work. It’s a start. A good start. To hear about, or discern, opportunities beyond a company’s website and employees: Wri...

Job seekers, you've got a job description too! - While everyone has something to say about what job seekers should do and how they should do it, the best advice comes from the those who do it every day – and guess what – the best advice doesn’t a...

After all, the more people/families who are working creates jobs for even more families and instead of needing charity can give to charities such as-->
Dear Readers, I am also passing this on.  I will by the end of this day donate what I can afford, which sadly is not very much in compared to the need, but if we all do what we can, hopefully and prayerfully it will add up:
A Haitian woman by her destroyed tent
© REUTERS/Swoan Parker, courtesy the Thomson Reuters Foundation – AlertNet
I wanted to pass along information on the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac's direct hit to Haiti.
Early Saturday morning the storm hit Haiti with heavy rains and severe winds, causing power outages, forcing rivers and streams to overflow, and making shelters and houses collapse, in some cases on top of their residents.
On my trip to Haiti last week I had the opportunity to visit Carrefour, near Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, Carrefour is one of the areas hardest hit by this storm. Our country director in Haiti reports that emergency shelters are now leaking and flooding. Water is rushing through poorly constructed drainage, eroding precarious hillsides and ravines, and overwhelming sanitation systems.
CARE's staff in Haiti is hard at work addressing the immediate issues: shelter, clean water, and sanitation.
Yesterday we distributed tarps to 1,000 families in Carrefour, where Isaac blew off rooftops and caused flooding. We're planning to distribute shelter materials like tarps, ropes, and nails to an additional 3,000 families living inside and outside of camps. As residents of Carrefour began dealing with the rubble and damage from the storm, we also began giving out water purification tablets, soaps, shovels, wheelbarrows, picks, and cleaning supplies.
Despite all the damage, the situation could have been much worse had the storm reached full hurricane force when it made landfall. We're relieved that Haiti avoided that disastrous scenario.

As ever, we continue to do whatever is needed to help Haiti keep rebuilding back strong.
Tolli Love
Vice President, CARE
P.S. CARE's commitment to communities in times of crisis extends well beyond immediate relief like clean water, shelter, water purification tablets, and medical care. In Haiti and around the world our staff help empower entire communities to rebuild and make them less vulnerable to natural disasters in the future. I hope you'll consider making a gift to support both our emergency response work and long-term poverty fighting programs all around the world.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today Post--I Hope It Will Give Us All Something To Think About.

In my research for my Historical novel, my first true attempt to write a novel, which I confess I have yet to share because I have yet to gather up the courage to do so. After all, I am highly concerned that it may not be worth sharing--I need to polish it much much more. I found this article from the American History Magazine, which I would like to share.

American History Interviews Psychologist Jonathan Haidt

            By Stephen L. Petranek  

Jonathan Haidt (pronounced "height") spent 16 years as a professor at the University of Virginia studying morality, emotions, happiness, awe and virtue. He recently became the Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business. Haidt uses moral psychology to understand America's extreme partisanship and polarization. His latest book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, is a New York Times best seller. He argues that humans can "respect, and even learn from those whose morality differs from our own," as a positive leap towards reducing animosity and divisions in society.
Why do you argue we'll stay polarized as a society until we try to understand the opposing side's moral point of view?
If you have only your own morality to go on, and that morality is shared by the people around you, you'll be certain that you are right. Moral claims come to feel as objectively true as the claims of physics and math. It's really hard to step out of your "moral matrix." (I use the term "matrix" as in the movie, The Matrix, which is about consensual hallucination.) Moral psychology, anthropology and history can all help people see that their particular morality is just one branch of a large tree with other branches. Knowing that can open the way to understanding and even respecting those who differ from us.
 This is where my temper is as much as a 'problem', which I am back to working on. Unfortunately, with this menopause, I confess, my temper management has become very complicated, indeed.
How can one find out about another person's morality?
You could go live among another group, but I believe it is possible to do it just by reading. I went through about a year where I was obsessed by Roman history. It came about because I was taking a car trip and I looked in the library for books on tape, and they had Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. It was like listening to a soap opera. The stories were so fascinating that I just started reading everything I could. This is not equivalent to living in ancient Rome for a year, but a good historian, like a good novelist, can help us see and feel what it would be like to live in a different era, a different moral matrix.
Which I have found can be highly complicated, if not down right impossible. After all, all to often when you are asking a person questions about what they believe. They answer you as if you are questioning their beliefs, so instead of answering your question--They start telling you what you should believe.
What determines our politics? How do we become liberal, conservative or libertarian?
For most people, their environment plays a larger role than their genes. So for example, if you raise someone in central Wyoming instead of Greenwich Village, that is going to explain a lot more about their adult personality than their heritable temperament. But for people who inherit a temperament that is very high on a trait called "openness to experience," they are going to find themselves more attracted to liberal ideas. Political ideology turns out to be as heritable as most other personality traits—about a third of the variance among people result from genetics.
 Good question, Excellent question--his theory sounds interesting.
Why do people join movements?
Politics is more like religion than it is like shopping, and I think that Democrats have not understood that as well as Republicans. Morality binds and blinds people. Republicans since Reagan have had a clear and emotionally compelling narrative about American history that starts with the founding fathers and individual liberty, the near loss of liberty to the creeping welfare-liberal-nanny state, and the heroic restoration of freedom and capitalism courtesy of the Republican Party. The Democrats have tended to talk too much about specific programs such as Social Security, student loans and Medicare. It's not clear how these programs connect back to the long arc of American history, or how they tell a story about who we are and where we're going.
Personally, I am a firm believer that people join movements, because we Humans are Social Animals, some more Social than other. Personally, I tend to be more private than social.
So government intervention to promote racial and gender equality was doomed to create a backlash?
Distrust of centralized power is one of the oldest, most important sensibilities in our history. The idea that the federal government should only be used as a last resort is a very deep, very American idea. But the Southern states had failed spectacularly to address the civil rights problems, so a federal response became necessary. But I think the left drew too strong a lesson from it, that the federal government can and should be used as a first resort to address many other issues, from abortion to gay rights. Once the federal government is seen as an instrument wielded by one side, the other side is going to hate it and distrust it and want to starve it. This, I think, is the back story to the Tea Party revolt of 2009. It's a blend of libertarians and social conservatives, but they make common cause in their long-simmering anger at what they see as an overgrown federal government that has too often been used to advance liberal policies like affirmative action and environmental regulations.
I guess this is the Problem that we are facing with the Environment. After all, the question becomes without Government involvement--Will or Can the Environment become a priority, when there is so much money to be made by continuing to pollute??? If we wait and use Government intervention as a last resort--we might wait until it is too late.
As a self-professed liberal, what did you learn to like about conservatism as you researched the book?
The great insight that I've gotten from conservatism is the need for constraint, structure and order. Liberals generally resonate to John Lennon's song "Imagine" ("Imagine there's no countries / it isn't hard to do / nothing to kill or die for / and no religion too / Imagine all the people / living life in peace"). But conservatives since Edmund Burke argue that knocking down all the constraints and traditions will get you anarchy, not bliss. It's no coincidence that having children makes people more conservative. Imposing structure, order and clear consequences has a miraculous effect on the behavior of young children, whereas reasoning with them, yelling at them or threatening them has much less effect. That's why I say in the book that I think the great blind spot of the left is what I call moral capital. You can't create a society just by fostering more love, trust and empathy. You've got to build morality into the surrounding institutions, laws and norms. And if you understand the other side better, you'll tone down the demonizing.
Personally, This is where we Need Both the Conservative and the Liberal. After all, we do need some constraint and tradition, but not all constraint and tradition or else we would still be riding around in horse pulled carriages writing on only paper. Change is growth, without some changes, there would be no growth--yet there is a certain comfort to be found in continuing certain traditions--most especially Holiday Traditions.
How does religion help and hurt American politics?
In the book I argue that religion is a part of our evolutionary heritage. We evolved minds prone to religiosity because religious groups were more effective in competition with other groups. That doesn't necessarily mean war; it means the ability to create a moral community within which people can trust each other, suppress free-riders and reap the benefits of cooperation. Research by the anthropologist Richard Sosis shows that 19th-century American communes organized along religious lines lasted much longer than communes founded along secular (usually socialist) principles. Only 6 percent of the secular communes lasted 20 years, compared to 39 percent of the religious communes. Religion, like morality, binds people together, but in the process it blinds them to evidence and arguments that contradict their sacred values. I would just add that ideologies work like religions. Communism, capitalism, deconstructionism, egalitarianism, any set of beliefs that is used to bind people together into a team, to fight other teams, is going to lead to blindness, intransigence and polarized beliefs.

Personally, I am a firm believer that Religion is being more harmed by politics than visa versa.

Moral Foundations Theory

Haidt is best known for what he dubs "Moral Foundations Theory", which has been reported in publications such as The Atlantic,[4] Boston Globe,[5] and The Huffington Post.[6] It is the basis of his first TED talk.[7]
Moral Foundations Theory considers the way morality varies between cultures and identifies five (later revised to six)"foundations" that underlie morality in all societies and individuals. He names them using pairs of opposites to indicate that they provide continua along which judgments can be measured.[8] These are:
  1. Care/harm for others, protecting them from harm.
  2. Fairness/cheating, Justice, treating others in proportion to their actions, giving them their "just deserts".[9][10] (He has also referred to this dimension as Proportionality.)
  3. Liberty/oppression, characterizes judgments in terms of whether subjects are tyrannized.
  4. Loyalty/betrayal to your group, family, nation. (He has also referred to this dimension as Ingroup.)
  5. Authority/subversion for tradition and legitimate authority. (He has also connected this foundation to a notion of Respect.)
  6. Sanctity/degradation, avoiding disgusting things, foods, actions. (He has also referred to this as Purity.)
Haidt found that the more politically liberal or left-wing people are, the more they tend to value care and fairness (proportionality), and the less they tend to value loyalty, respect for authority and purity. Conversely, the more conservative or right-wing people are, the more they tend to value the latter three. Similar results were found across the political spectrum in other countries.[11]
Haidt has also described the liberal emphasis on care as "one foundation morality", contrasting with the conservative moral balance.[12][13]

Personally, when I read this I see why we need both Wings In Equal Measure.  After all, Care for others and Fairness is just as important as Respect for Authority and purity. The problem arrives when dealing with people like my former supervisor who talked to me as if she had the Authority, not only at work, my entire life as well--No One Has The Right To Tell Any One How They Should Live Their Own Lives--God Did Indeed Give Each and Every Person Free-Will.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Standing Up For Truth and Justice and ObamaCare!!!

What Does #150dollars Mean to You?
150 DollarsThis month, consumers started receiving rebate checks from their insurance companies. In total, $1.1 billion has been sent to consumers, averaging out to $150 per rebate check. So we want to know, how would $150 help your family? Join us on Twitter using the hashtag #150dollars and share what this rebate means to you!

Will You Put a Stop to Paul Ryan's Health Care Cuts?
Paul Ryan was recently selected as Mitt Romney's running mate, and Republican leaders have wasted no time in resurrecting his dangerous proposal for the federal budget. For health care consumers, that plan includes $1.43 trillion in cuts to health care for women, seniors, children, and people with disabilities, while protecting massive giveaways to the richest 2%. Click here to urge Republican leaders to abandon this agenda that puts tax breaks for the wealthy ahead of the needs of middle-class families.

This Monday is Dedicated to the Environment

To tackle climate change, we need more honest accounting of this potent greenhouse gas. READ MORE»

This is why we need to do more recycling and find ways of making less garbage. This problem is of our making, therefore it is our responsibility.  

After all, If we do not more and more coastal cities will pay the price of rising oceans--> 

Virginia has no state policy on climate change. But on the coast – where rising seas threaten military bases, ports, homes and beaches – flooding is on everyone's mind. READ MORE»


Ecology Center supports Renewable Energy Standard

The Ecology Center has launched an effort to mobilize supporters and encourage adoption of the proposal to increase Michigan's renewable energy standard (RES) to 25 percent by 2025. The initiative received approval from the Michigan board of canvassers earlier this month to be placed on the Nov. 6 ballot....

Fall event to feature speaker on healthier communities

Richard Jackson, a scholar whose work has reached a wider audience through his role as author, host and narrator of the Public Broadcasting Service series Designing Healthy Communities, will be the featured speaker at the Ecology Center’s annual fall event October 4....

 Dear Readers, I am also passing on;
Thanks again for taking action and adding your name to our petition declaring the Arctic a global sanctuary.

Once we reach a million total signatures, we’re going to take your name, put it on a flag with the other names and place it at the bottom of the sea at the North Pole. But it’s going to take all of us working together to make that happen and protect the Arctic for all humanity.

That’s why we’ve created a game online where you can join together with people around the world to help save the Arctic. It’s called the Arctic Rising and I encourage you to check it out.

The idea is simple: You join one of five groups working to save the Arctic and then do everything you can to spread the word. There are prizes for the top people and all sorts of other fun things along the way. I think you’ll like it.

Join the Arctic Rising today and get started saving one of the last great wildernesses on earth.

The Arctic is under threat from all sides – climate change, oil drilling, overfishing, military build-up – and nothing less than the creation of a global sanctuary is going to save it.

I don’t just believe this is possible. I know it. Greenpeace achieved the very same thing back in the 1980’s when we won the creation of a global commons in Antarctica. Now this is our time.

Be part of the Arctic Rising, recruit your friends, spread the world and be part of saving the Arctic.

Thanks for all you do.

Dan Howells
              Greenpeace Deputy Campaigns Director 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Blog--Part I

First Things First--This Blog needs to support a Care2 Friend--Roxy H. by passing on and supporting-->

Aug 2012 =
Note ( i needed my old friends for love and support, ty cher, cal, simone, and everyone, i was so lost and bummed out, needed to feel the love again  :))) )
AND today  aug 24th 2012 =
 As sure as she needed their support I and this blog need your support in order to give Roxy even more support--It does indeed take a village to come together to do good. It is not too late, but it may be soon--so please hurry--
Thank you.

For Father Stephen Umhoefer, the test of the budget is a simple one: "The first question is: How does this affect the poor? And everything else follows from that." READ MORE»

This is our Wake Up Call America--Let Us Heed it! After all, the best way to get out of this Global Economical Mess that we are All in, is the same way that we got into this mess--One Family At A Time.  

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail because it is too important not to. After all, Equal pay is very very important--I know, because after my husband passed away-I was left with two young sons to raise on my own--Being a single Mom is hard and is made even harder when one has to work more hours to bring home enough money to pay the bills--The worst thing about that is the more hours at work means less time at home and more time for children to be left to their own devises or with care givers--instead of with Mom:

 Today is Women’s Equality Day, and our nation has come a long way since 1920, when women won the right to vote.
And, despite decades of tireless activism, we are still fighting against inequality, injustice and discrimination today. That’s what the National Partnership is all about.
However, today we celebrate our progress — and we celebrate having you on our side. On this important day, we invite you to follow us on Twitter.
Twitter Follow @NPWF

We’ll be tweeting all day about how women are vital to our society, and we hope you’ll follow us. What better day to enter the micro-blogging conversation? Tell your friends to join in the fun too.
Debra Ness headshot Sincerely,
Debra Ness Signature
Debra Ness

Tell the Republican Party that IF they really Care About Family Value Then To Please STOP DICTATING AND Start Caring About The Family As If They Truly Valued--All Families--No Matter What Shape and/ or Form--As Long As There Is Love And Compassion And Caring. 

Before this leads to a Rant--Let me head my own advice--Constant Anger is not healthy for anyone, which is why I know I for one need to chill out at time, lest my mental and/ or physical heath be impacted for the worse--Which leads to this e-mail--> 

After all, one of the reasons that I am so far behind in my novel, which I am working up the nerve to share here and at work, is when I am on a Rant--I find it very hard to write, creatively. In addition, before I share it, I am hoping and praying to have it polished enough to be worth sharing and worth reading.

Psych Yourself into Better Health

Imagine a magnificent sunset or a beautiful beach…or recall an accomplishment that made you feel proud, such as getting a promotion. These happy thoughts make you feel good—but can they help you do good things for your health, too, such as getting to the gym more often or remembering to take your medication? Yes indeed, two recent studies suggest.
The research centered on an approach that combines two elements—positive affect, which is the improved mental state that follows small positive experiences, such as receiving a compliment or even just focusing on a pleasing thought…and self-affirmation...

READ MORE       

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time To Take Action--Part II

care2 petitionsite actionAlert
action alert!
Hillsboro County Sheriff candidate Frank Szabo has stated that he will use "everything in [his] power" to stop abortions - even though they are legal. We must stop this vigilante from working in law enforcement!
Please sign the petition today! Stop Szabo's Vigilante Agenda
take action

I am passing on this petition because No One is above the law. If a person disagrees with a law, there are ways of changing it--THIS IS NOT THE WAY!!!

The Next question to ask Why are These Men so Angry--Angry enough to kill and demolish buildings just to keep women from possibly having an abortion--why doe one person have the right to tell another person how they should or should not live their own lives???


Let Us Face It--The Republicans and Big Business Need young women to be to get pregnant out of wedlock at a very early age and be forced to drop out of high school or college to raise a family that way they are nicely under-skilled and can be underpaid and exploited. After all, the rich can not stay rich when they have to pay their employees a livable wage. That way there is a growing working class of exploitable workers--As I have written before--I have experience with this--I worked for a Cleaning Service--Where we were conned into working under the table while she went through her 'messy and ugly divorce', but now she lives in a fancy development in Medina County where the house/ mansion run from $250,000 range and higher, as if she really was that broke.

P.S.--> There is more-->
Romney and Ryan envision an anti-woman economy and society, but women are increasingly key to winning elections. READ MORE»

Why don't we hear Obama speak about poor people? READ MORE»

AFTER ALL, JESUS Did not tell Simon Peter those three times that if he Loved Him-not to have an abortion or not to be homosexual--But To Feed His Sheep/Lambs, SO SHOULD NOT CARING FOR THE POOR--NOT EXPLOITING THEM-BE OUR PRIORITY TOO.

Saturday's Morning Post Turned Rant

today's action Get Your Personalized Voting Guide

On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. In the 92 years since, the League of Women Voters has worked tirelessly to educate and mobilize new voters.

The November election may be the most important election of our lifetime. This election isn't about the day-to-day battles between candidates. It's about voters, like you. It will impact you and the people in your life. It's about your job, your health, your community, your future. Voting is your chance to stand up for what you believe in.

Use VOTE411 to access your personalized voting guide that will include up-to-date information you need to vote. VOTE411 provides information about the election process, including polling place locations and hours, information directly from the candidates regarding their vision for America's future, absentee ballot and early voting options, registration deadlines, ID requirements, and much more.

For today's Daily Action "like" VOTE411 on Facebook to get the latest election information.    I AM TAKING ACTION

After all, This election more than any other election, thus far in American History Needs Each and Every Vote. The Tea Party Movement that not only Hi-Jacked the Republican Party and the Christian Church Can Not be Allowed To Hi-Jack the United States of America, also.  As sure as the proposed Anti-Abortion Amendment Goes Waaay too Far. By out-lawing abortions even in cases of Rape and Incest--IT IS ACTUALLY A PRO-DEATH / PRO-CRIME AMENDMENT.  After all, to force a woman to carry her Rapist child will only do more to encourage the crime of Rape, which a crime of Power-Not Of Sex--Sex is only the Weapon.
Most importantly, We need to Remember that Our Holy Books were all Written at a time in human history when we were so few in number that at any time a plaque could wipe us all out. Now the human population is over 7 BILLION AND COUNTING--We no longer have that worry.

If There is Any Question Why This Blogger Is So Much In Favor of RE-ELECTING OBAMA, EVEN THOUGH, I MUST CONFESS THAT I VOTED FOR McCain IN 2008--THEN PLEASE READ-->

Romney: Hooray for Whiteness!

And ask yourself--Who is Really making Race the issue?  Is It Not Romney, himself?

Recession Coming if Congress Doesn’t Act, Warns Congressional Budget Office

Please Read and Remember Which Party Controls The House of Representatives.  Is it not the Republican Party--The party of Big Business--The very ones who would benefit the most if unemployment stays high--After all, the more people there are looking for a job than jobs to be filled the more desperate a person would be to get a job--Why hire a person at $8 an hour if you can find someone willing to work at $7.50 and so on and so on and so on--This is also why the Anti-Abortion Amendment is so important---After all, the less education and the more mouths a person has to feed the more menial work they are willing to do for their family and the lower the pay--the more hours they have to work for their family--WHICH ALL ADDS UP TO PROFIT--PROFIT--PROFIT FOR THE BOSSES OF BIG BUSINESS.

 I know because I once worked for a Cleaning Service which was run by the Greediest, Most Selfish Holy Ghost Filled Con Artist in Cuyahoga County, well now Medina County--who characteristically 'Took employees for What they were worth' by simply making up their minds that they were 'Witches' Warlocks' and/or 'Goons'--Corporate Spies/Saba-tors. As if an Workman is only worth of his/ her wage if they can prove that they serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by agree with the Supervisor 'Jane' without question AS IF she wss the Judge of Holiness and Righteousness and worthiness to receive the rewards of one's labor--after all, they did not pay according to how hard or much one worked, but by worthiness--WHICH MADE IT SO MUCH EASIER TO STEAL IN JESUS SO CALLED HOLY NAME WHICH IS HOW AND WHY THEY CAN NOW AFFORD A $200,000 + HOME--AVOID PAYING TAXES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.