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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Morning Post Is about" Getting Down to Business and Defeating the 'Hun'."

One thing we all can "shut down" this November
The Republican Party
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Dear Readers,I am passing this e-mail on because it is too important not to, with all that is being said and done by the Republican Party--They Must Be Stopped!!!!  To be this must against abortion to actually be more supportive of the Rapist than the victim of the Rape is appalling to the MAX AND MUST BE STOPPED AT ONCE. I HAVE DONATED THE MIN---$35 AND WOULD ASK THAT EVERYONE WHO READS THIS GIVE AT LEAST HALF OF THAT IN SUPPORT OF ALL THE WOMEN IN YOUR LIVES WHOM HOPEFULLY AND PRAYERFULLY WILL NEVER BECOME VICTIMS OF RAPE-BUT IF THEY DO THAT THEY SHOULD NOT BE BLAMED FOR CAUSING IT THEMSELVES;
We all know that Todd Akin's recent comments about rape victims being able to "shut down" pregnancies are medieval and ridiculous.
What's terrifying is that Akin is not alone, and his comments are just the tip of the crazy iceberg. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan may have called for Akin to step aside -- but then the just-approved 2012 GOP platform calls for a constitutional amendment banning abortions in ALL cases, with no exception for rape or incest. And it was written as directed by the Romney/Ryan campaign!
It's obvious that the GOP's "outrage" over Akin's comments was utterly contrived -- and we need your help right away to fight back against them. Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party are now showing their true colors.
GOP candidates across the country have proven that they know nothing about the American Way, and help from concerned people like you -- today and at the polls -- is the only thing we have to stop them.
The Radical Right is showing what they really stand for -- and it’s not the American Way. Instead, they are calling for policies that are not only dangerous for women, but for all Americans.
We know how to push back. We know that the American Way is about moving this country forward, not about backward views. And with your help, we can stop Mitt Romney and his party of extremists from winning control of every branch of the government.
Can I count on you to contribute right now and help us protect the American Way? Barbara, if the Romney/Ryan ticket wins, they will enact an agenda that goes against everything we have fought for. We know they want to:
  • Take away women’s reproductive freedoms
  • Roll back civil rights protections
  • Overturn healthcare reform
  • Eliminate protections for LGBT Americans
  • End Medicare as we know it ... and so much more.
Time is running out for us to fight them -- and I need your support to stop these extremists from taking control of this country.
Donate to People For the American way right away. If Mitt Romney and his extremist cronies win in November -- we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Michael B. Keegan signature
           Michael Keegan, President

 Dear Reader, I am also passing this e-mail on, with these various droughts, there is one lesson we all need to learn and that is OUR DRINKING WATER IS FAR FAR TO PRECIOUS TO BE FRACKED AWAY--MOST ESPECIALLY SINCE THERE ARE RE-USABLE SOURCES OF ENERGY--THAT TO WASTE OUR PRECIOUS PRECIOUS WATER ON FOSSIL FUEL, WHICH IS SOOOO 20th Century is Absolutely unnecessary--except for making the Rich oil and gas and coal companies even more Richer than they already are.

The Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District halted water sales to the fracking industry amid strong public opposition, but now they are backpedaling. The Village of Cadiz wants to buy water from the district only to turn around and sell it to the oil and gas industry. Stand with us and ask Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District to permanently halt all water sales to oil and gas.

As you may know, horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is an unconventional way to drill for oil and gas in hard rock formations. It's been linked to water contamination, air pollution, explosions, earthquakes, livestock losses and more — right here in Ohio. The process is water intensive, using millions of gallons of water each time they drill. So, while we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history, why would we sell our water for fracking?

Some things are just more important than making profit. Speak out for a permanent halt to water sales:
Don't frack with our water