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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Blog--Part I

First Things First--This Blog needs to support a Care2 Friend--Roxy H. by passing on and supporting-->

Aug 2012 =
Note ( i needed my old friends for love and support, ty cher, cal, simone, and everyone, i was so lost and bummed out, needed to feel the love again  :))) )
AND today  aug 24th 2012 =
 As sure as she needed their support I and this blog need your support in order to give Roxy even more support--It does indeed take a village to come together to do good. It is not too late, but it may be soon--so please hurry--
Thank you.

For Father Stephen Umhoefer, the test of the budget is a simple one: "The first question is: How does this affect the poor? And everything else follows from that." READ MORE»

This is our Wake Up Call America--Let Us Heed it! After all, the best way to get out of this Global Economical Mess that we are All in, is the same way that we got into this mess--One Family At A Time.  

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail because it is too important not to. After all, Equal pay is very very important--I know, because after my husband passed away-I was left with two young sons to raise on my own--Being a single Mom is hard and is made even harder when one has to work more hours to bring home enough money to pay the bills--The worst thing about that is the more hours at work means less time at home and more time for children to be left to their own devises or with care givers--instead of with Mom:

 Today is Women’s Equality Day, and our nation has come a long way since 1920, when women won the right to vote.
And, despite decades of tireless activism, we are still fighting against inequality, injustice and discrimination today. That’s what the National Partnership is all about.
However, today we celebrate our progress — and we celebrate having you on our side. On this important day, we invite you to follow us on Twitter.
Twitter Follow @NPWF

We’ll be tweeting all day about how women are vital to our society, and we hope you’ll follow us. What better day to enter the micro-blogging conversation? Tell your friends to join in the fun too.
Debra Ness headshot Sincerely,
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Debra Ness

Tell the Republican Party that IF they really Care About Family Value Then To Please STOP DICTATING AND Start Caring About The Family As If They Truly Valued--All Families--No Matter What Shape and/ or Form--As Long As There Is Love And Compassion And Caring. 

Before this leads to a Rant--Let me head my own advice--Constant Anger is not healthy for anyone, which is why I know I for one need to chill out at time, lest my mental and/ or physical heath be impacted for the worse--Which leads to this e-mail--> 

After all, one of the reasons that I am so far behind in my novel, which I am working up the nerve to share here and at work, is when I am on a Rant--I find it very hard to write, creatively. In addition, before I share it, I am hoping and praying to have it polished enough to be worth sharing and worth reading.

Psych Yourself into Better Health

Imagine a magnificent sunset or a beautiful beach…or recall an accomplishment that made you feel proud, such as getting a promotion. These happy thoughts make you feel good—but can they help you do good things for your health, too, such as getting to the gym more often or remembering to take your medication? Yes indeed, two recent studies suggest.
The research centered on an approach that combines two elements—positive affect, which is the improved mental state that follows small positive experiences, such as receiving a compliment or even just focusing on a pleasing thought…and self-affirmation...