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Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Forgiveness Day--August 4,2012--which gives many of us time to search our hearts and minds and to send e-cards.

 Wow, I have never heard of Forgiveness Day before, but it does sound like a very very Good idea. After all, it is Human Nature to yield to the temptation of walking around with chips on our shoulders--AS IF that is a way to punish those who have done harm to us in one way or another. Personally, I cannot think of anyone who had done harm to me, lately. The only chips that weigh down on my shoulders is every so often I come across articles that remind me that I should have done things differently at my former job, like quiting sooner, after all, they have done more than merely harming me;they harmed others and worst of all they did their Evil Deeds while misrepresenting God the Father, Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Holy Spirit of God, by walking around claiming to be Holy Ghost Filled Christian who half the time prayed for people, the other half of the time 'Discerning' or to be more truthful--Judging people guilty of 'Witchcraft' or being a 'Goon'--Corporate Sabotager or Corporate Spy--a.k.a.--a person whom they could "Take (paycheck wise) For what they were worth (as much as the Holy Spirit of God would allow them to get away with--as if there was such a thing as Holy and Devine Stealing). The thing is I am mostly angry with myself for not speaking up sooner to defend the Innocent and was too tired and too preoccupied to see what was right in front of me and because of that I paid the price and worse of all, others paid the price--which is a debt that I can never repay, since at the cleaning service we were only allowed to know each other first name and first name only.

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