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Monday, August 27, 2012

Standing Up For Truth and Justice and ObamaCare!!!

What Does #150dollars Mean to You?
150 DollarsThis month, consumers started receiving rebate checks from their insurance companies. In total, $1.1 billion has been sent to consumers, averaging out to $150 per rebate check. So we want to know, how would $150 help your family? Join us on Twitter using the hashtag #150dollars and share what this rebate means to you!

Will You Put a Stop to Paul Ryan's Health Care Cuts?
Paul Ryan was recently selected as Mitt Romney's running mate, and Republican leaders have wasted no time in resurrecting his dangerous proposal for the federal budget. For health care consumers, that plan includes $1.43 trillion in cuts to health care for women, seniors, children, and people with disabilities, while protecting massive giveaways to the richest 2%. Click here to urge Republican leaders to abandon this agenda that puts tax breaks for the wealthy ahead of the needs of middle-class families.