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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Call To Action--Petitions For Your Consideration.

Hello- another list of petitions that need more signatures- in the never ending list of animals that need our help. Let governments know animals and their well-being MATTER TO US! Thanks in advance for signing what you agree with and forwarding to anyone else who may care- Regards, Nyack
Whom I know through Care2 as a Good Caring person who truly loves animals with a deep abiding concern for their welfare.

1.) No Permits to Shoot Sea Lions

2.) Stop Summer Horse Round-Up

3.) Stop Plans for Crocodile Trophy Hunt

4.) Stop Horse Slaughter Factory in Missouri

5.) Close Tiger Farms in China

6.) No Elephant Bullhooks in Atlanta, Georgia

7.) Save Arizona Jaguars

8.) Keep Protections for Florida Black Bears

9.) Save the Frogs

10.) Save Southwestern Ocelots

11.) Protect Lynx in New Mexico

12.) Save the New Mexico Cougar

13.) Stop Endangering Grizzly Bears

14.) Protect Whooping Cranes

15.) Stop Export Permits for Macaws

16.) Protect Endangered Florida Panther

17.) Help Save the Amur Leopard

18.) Stop Breeding White Tigers

19.) Save Penguins from Extinction

20.) Stop Experiments on Endangered Sea Turtles

21.) Stop Fox Penning in Virginia

22.) Protect Endangered Sea Turtles in Australia

23.) Save Beluga Whales

24.) Stop Hunting Endangered White Rhinos

25.) Protect California Sea Otters

26.) Stop Wisconson Bear Slaughter

27.) Keep Ban on Elephant Rides in Kentucky

28.) Stop Ariel Shooting Camels in Australia

29.) Stop Hunting Red Pandas

30.) Stop Using Pigs at University of Mississippi

I am blogging instead of forwarding, because we have too many friends in common on the Care2 sight. The way that I see it--it is far likely to expand the list of possible signers if I blog instead. After all, this way even those who are not yet members of Care2 can sign and not just the members of Care2. 

I am also including this petition. This one is just as important if not, dare I say even more important since it concerns children.

 Talking out of turn. Saying bad words. Giggling in class. When in the classroom, these are all behaviors that can get kids sent to the principal's office. But in Mississippi, they can get children sent to jail. »
Schoolchildren, particularly children of color, are being repeatedly imprisoned for minor infractions. According to the US Department of Justice, schools' emphases on severe punishments have created a "school-to-prison pipeline." Students who get in trouble for things like verbal disobedience could now end up in prison.

The DOJ report focuses specifically on Lauderdale County, Mississippi, where teachers and principals place children at the mercy of a corrupt criminal justice system for infractions as small as dress-code violations, “flatulence, profanity and disrespect.” 
Can you imagine acquiring a criminal record for something like a dress-code violation? When will this absurdity stop?

Tell Mississippi to stop unjustly imprisoning schoolchildren immediately. »

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