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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's Post is all about Jobs--Jobs--Jobs--and Much More

A look at the growing numbers of homeless and hungry college students trying desperately to make ends meet--and those who are willing to exploit them. READ MORE»

As a Mother of two grown sons, This Should Not be allowed.

But, then, again, who saids that has to be the case; Knowledge Is Indeed Power!

How to Make Office Competition Work for YouThere’s no avoiding competition in the workplace, and we all know we’ve got to be competitive to get to the top—and stay there. Read More »

Or read more at  

Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on in the hope that you will join in the fight for Ohio Jobs;

Please join Daily Kos and our partners at Fighting for Ohio Jobs to petition Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel to come clean and answer questions about how he would have voted on the 2009 loan to the auto industry that saved over 850,000 Ohio jobs. Click here to sign the petition.

In a recent meeting with the
Columbus Dispatch, Mandel called Senator Sherrod Brown “un-American” for his support of the 2009 vote to approve a loan to the auto industry that helped keep the industry from collapsing and sending millions of Americans to the unemployment line. When Mandel was asked by the Dispatch what he would have done differently, he evaded the question and dodged the follow up question leaving Ohioans to wonder, what would Mandel have done had he been in Congress, to save Ohio jobs?

Mandel won’t give Ohioans a straight answer, according to the
Twelve minutes after Mandel was asked what he would have done differently during the time of the bailout — and it had been suggested to him that he either did not have or was not offering an alternative — Mandel said: “You can write, ‘Josh’s plan would’ve been, and Josh’s plan continues to be, to reform regulations and create a better economic environment for auto manufacturing and manufacturing in general.’
This isn’t a good enough answer for the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans that could have lost their jobs. It’s time for Mandel to go on record about how he would hire Ohio and create good jobs.

Please sign the petition demanding Josh Mandel clarify his position. Ohioans want to know how this candidate would have saved jobs, what would he have done differently during the bailout?

Keep fighting,

Rachel Colyer
Associate Campaign Director, Daily Kos

This blogger goal is not only to help save jobs. It is not my desire to simply say--"Get a job" that IMO is cold hearted and cruel--I am hoping to communicate that if you need a job or a better job--hopefully and prayerfully one of the bits of advice will aid you in getting one and/ or a better one.

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After all, the more people/families who are working creates jobs for even more families and instead of needing charity can give to charities such as-->
Dear Readers, I am also passing this on.  I will by the end of this day donate what I can afford, which sadly is not very much in compared to the need, but if we all do what we can, hopefully and prayerfully it will add up:
A Haitian woman by her destroyed tent
© REUTERS/Swoan Parker, courtesy the Thomson Reuters Foundation – AlertNet
I wanted to pass along information on the aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac's direct hit to Haiti.
Early Saturday morning the storm hit Haiti with heavy rains and severe winds, causing power outages, forcing rivers and streams to overflow, and making shelters and houses collapse, in some cases on top of their residents.
On my trip to Haiti last week I had the opportunity to visit Carrefour, near Port-au-Prince. Unfortunately, Carrefour is one of the areas hardest hit by this storm. Our country director in Haiti reports that emergency shelters are now leaking and flooding. Water is rushing through poorly constructed drainage, eroding precarious hillsides and ravines, and overwhelming sanitation systems.
CARE's staff in Haiti is hard at work addressing the immediate issues: shelter, clean water, and sanitation.
Yesterday we distributed tarps to 1,000 families in Carrefour, where Isaac blew off rooftops and caused flooding. We're planning to distribute shelter materials like tarps, ropes, and nails to an additional 3,000 families living inside and outside of camps. As residents of Carrefour began dealing with the rubble and damage from the storm, we also began giving out water purification tablets, soaps, shovels, wheelbarrows, picks, and cleaning supplies.
Despite all the damage, the situation could have been much worse had the storm reached full hurricane force when it made landfall. We're relieved that Haiti avoided that disastrous scenario.

As ever, we continue to do whatever is needed to help Haiti keep rebuilding back strong.
Tolli Love
Vice President, CARE
P.S. CARE's commitment to communities in times of crisis extends well beyond immediate relief like clean water, shelter, water purification tablets, and medical care. In Haiti and around the world our staff help empower entire communities to rebuild and make them less vulnerable to natural disasters in the future. I hope you'll consider making a gift to support both our emergency response work and long-term poverty fighting programs all around the world.