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Saturday, April 13, 2013

America, America, What are we becoming????

Steven Hsieh, AlterNet
Systemic racism is apparent as ever at this major U.S. airline. READ MORE»

This-This Is Why I hope every American Goes to See the movie '42' . And thinks about, I mean really think about what they are seeing.
  • Opened April 12, 2013 
  • 2 hr 8 min
  • PG-13 | Thematic elements, including language
  • “42” tells the story of two men—the great Jackie Robinson and legendary Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey—whose brave stand against prejudice forever changed the world by changing the game of baseball. In 1946, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) put himself at the forefront of history when he signed Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) to the team, breaking Major League Baseball’s infamous color line. But the deal also put both Robinson and Rickey in the firing line of the public, the press and even other players. Facing unabashed racism from every side, Robinson was forced to demonstrate tremendous courage and restraint by not reacting in kind, knowing that any incident could destroy his and Rickey’s hopes. Full synopsis
  • Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni
  • Director: Brian Helgeland
  • Genres: Documentary

After all, I am planning to see it this evening.
Katie McDonough, Salon
"In five paragraphs, they were required to prove that Jews were the source of Germany's problems." READ MORE»

That-teaching that any group is evil-should not be allowed. Now if it is an exercise to show how easily hate is spread and how hate grows and how hate breeds more hate, then that needs to be taught with care--very carefully so that the course is awareness of hate--Not How To Hate.
Hate, like other things are slippery slopes--and the best and safest way to navigate a slippery slope is to simply stay off it
Another slippery slope to stay off of is>>>
By Annie Rose Strasser, Think Progress
In the first 3 months of 2013, legislators have introduced hundreds of proposals to ban nearly all abortions. READ MORE»

This is why we must keep Abortions Legal and Safe--It is not the best option, but the alternative is worse, far worst.

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail, because accidents do happen and sometimes they even cause deaths, but to add punishment on to grief is the ultimate evil;
On March 9, young mom Jamie Dowling was driving her two small kids, Landyn and Raylee, on a snowy stretch of Colorado highway. Jamie was driving slowly, and her kids were safely buckled in, but the roads were bad. Jamie hit a patch of ice, her car careened into another lane, and she was hit by oncoming traffic. Jamie was a nurse, and she tried to save her kids' lives, but she couldn't. Landyn and Raylee both died that day.
Now the local District Attorney is charging Jamie with two counts of "careless driving resulting in death," threatening to send a grieving mom to jail.
My parents live right near the spot of the crash -- so close that they heard the accident happen. In fact, my stepdad was the first person on the scene, 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. When he got there, he said Jamie was trying to revive her son, who was already dead. My stepdad had to pry Landyn out of Jamie's arms just to get Jamie out of the car.
Jamie still struggles everyday to move forward from the death of her children. Landyn was 5, he loved cows and horses. Raylee was just 2, her favorite color was pink, and she thought everything should have sparkles. Jamie had moved her family from Texas to Colorado just a week before the accident, and the whole family was excited for a new start.
My parents were there for the worst moment of Jamie's life, watching her struggle to save her children even though they were already gone. We don't understand why the DA is insisting on dragging out Jamie's nightmare; it doesn't make any sense to us. But we were there for Jamie that day, and we're going to keep standing with her now.
I know other petitions on have prompted District Attorneys to drop unfair charges before -- I hope that if thousands of people sign my petition, DA Hotsenpiller will end his senseless prosecution of Jamie Dowling.
Thank you,
Bernadette Bifano
Leadville, CO