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Monday, April 15, 2013

Church of Jesus Christ--Stop the Bullying!!!! For the Love of Mercy!!!!

By Rev. Howard Bess, Consortium News
Many Christian pastors and fundamentalists practice the art of bullying themselves, demanding obedience and discouraging dissent. READ MORE»

YES, THAT IS SO VERY VERY TRUE!!! Most Especially, those who are the Far Right, the Ultra-Conservatives are indeed the Ultra-Bullies. I know from personal experience. The worst bully that I have ever met was once my supervisor, who even though she claimed to be an Holy Ghost Filled Christian, she was truly an Holy Ghost Filled Pain In The A$$. By the way, that she constantly found ways to accuse others of 'Witchcraft'--by the way, she was accusing everyone left and right of 'Witchcraft' from the fellow employee and teacher who were both Caucasian young women who were dating African-American young men--this-this the Holy Ghost Filled Bully called>>>Evidence of 'Witchcraft' to the Senior Pastor, whom I accidentally told on--She saw that I was have a conversation with him and others-she asked what about, so I told her, my mistake, I told her we were talking about the movie--"Inception" which I found out that she decided was about 'Witchcraft' so that the next time the pastor's name came up she made a point of calling him-Mister, instead--looks like me and my big mouth got him 'UN-Ordained' by her.

The problem with these bullies is that they are so wrapped up in THE LAW-that they have no compassion for others. What is even worst, when they break the law, such as when the supervisor and her younger sister the true owner and manager of the cleaning service found an employee guilty of 'Witchcraft' --they acted as if that justified "taking ---- for what they were worth." as if it is written in Malachi that the workman is only worthy of their wages if they can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that they love Jesus Christ with all their heart and soul and mind and serve God the Father the same way, if not, then no matter how hard or long they work--they have not truly earned their wages. As If These Holy Ghost Filled Pain In the A$$E$ were appointed Judge of the Living. As if It is the Holy Ghost's job to be the Accuser of the Brethren.

If only these Conservative Churches would Wake Up and Smell the coffee--what they are doing is showing Jesus Christ as the Source of Evil in the world--Evil in the form of Hate and Intolerance.