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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today, the Day Before Earth Day

Study: $6 Trillion "Carbon Bubble" Will Burn Investors and Planet Earth

Kit --
World's estimated fossil fuel reserves must remain underground if the global community hopes to avoid 'climate catastrophe'....Read More.
Yes, This Is Our Home, which We Had better start taking better care of.  So far, it looks like Planet Earth is our one and only home.
In addition, there are even more reasons Not To get ever drop of oil and ounce of coal and natural gas out of the ground. Fracking is not worth it!!

You Have to See It to Believe It: What It's Like to Have Fracking in Your Backyard

Cal - -
Residents in industry-friendly West Virginia share their experiences, photos and videos... Read More if not again.

Yes, We do have to yell and scream how bad 'Fracking' is, since there are too many people being paid not to hear. We have to be heard over the barrier of paid for deafness.

Which means that there is indeed a petition in need of more signatures>>>>

Sign the Petition: No Tarsands Near Freshwater

Judy --
Tell President Obama, Secretary John Kerry, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman and TransCanada: No tarsands near freshwater -- stop Keystone XL