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Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Gun Sanity to Jobs to the Environment, Yes, this blog made a chain and linked them together.

 Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail, because simply getting angry at a bad situation, is useless and pointless. What we need to do is to channel that anger into courses of action. Personally, my way is through this blog;
Yesterday, 45 senators—including four Democrats—turned their backs on the American people when they voted to filibuster commonsense gun violence prevention legislation.1
Lori Haas, the MoveOn member whose daughter survived the Virginia Tech shooting six years ago, spoke for all of us when she yelled "shame" from the Senate gallery immediately after the vote.2
It's infuriating that hugely popular reforms were defeated, but in the hours since the vote, MoveOn members have made a choice: we're not giving up on the fight for meaningful reform.
In tough moments like this, we need to figure out our next steps on this campaign together. Should we focus on holding the senators who voted against commonsense reform accountable? Winning meaningful victories on gun violence prevention on the state and local level? Shining the spotlight on corporations that funnel money to the NRA so that they can block gun violence prevention policies? Something else?
MoveOn members and leaders have already begun submitting ideas for next steps. Will you vote on their ideas or submit your own? It's easy and will take only a couple of minutes. Your ratings will help determine which campaigns we prioritize.
Here are a few of the ideas that have been submitted: 
  • Pushing cities and counties to ban gun shows that don't guarantee background checks on all sales
  • Boycotting the big corporations that partner with and fund the NRA
  • Fixing the Senate so a minority cannot stand in the way of legislation supported by 90% of Americans
  • Organizing hundreds of Living Room Conversations between NRA members who want reform and MoveOn members to organize a collective response
MoveOn members across the country are ready to move quickly to get the highest-rated ideas up and running. Will you vote on the ideas that have been submitted or submit your own?
Thanks for all you do.
–Garlin, Elena, Susannah, Mark, and the rest of the team
  Personally, I know I lose my temper and start cursing the darkness, which is useless and pointless. That is also why I want to take this time the THANK EACH AND EVERY GOOD SENATOR SUCH AS OHIO'S SENATOR SHERROD BROWN FOR VOTING FOR THE BACKGROUND CHECK AND FOR THE SAFETY OF AMERICANS AND AGAINST ARMING THOSE WHO WOULD DO HARM. BUT, Sadly, there are many Senators who vote differently.

In Addition, we also need to raise more money than the NRA, which means each of us need to make more money. My way of doing that is by filling out application after application, which I understand the same thing that many others are doing.  But I also pass on >>>

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