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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Growing the Economy for Tomorrow

This Week's Best Conversations from our Small Business Forum

We have been running a promo this month and it has not been going well. We have a radio commercial on a local station, web site and Facebook. But we are not generating sales. Need advice, please.

I'm not sure what your radio commercial sounds like, but I did take a look at your website and your Facebook Page. You do a slightly better job of communicating benefits on your Facebook Page than on ... See the full thread


 Not only does small business need help to grow, but Green Energy needs help to grow>>

Tell Georgia Power to Invest in More Clean Energy ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Cher - -
Now, we must send a clear message to Georgia Power's leadership that we want to grow lasting Georgia jobs by investing in 21st century clean energy and energy efficiency to power our homes and businesses...Read More.

After all, Fossil Fuels were so 20th Century. A fact that more and more people are realizing>>>


In Montana, Ranchers Line Up Against Coal

Cal - -
A proposed mine -- and a railway extension to carry it out -- would put their land at risk for an energy plan that mainly benefits Asia, ranchers say. But they're in the minority...Read More.