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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Support Of The Summits on the Tenth!!!!

Dear Readers, I am sharing this e-mail because it is a good cause and very worthy of support;

An Evangelical leader who found his calling in the Civil Rights movement? A Pentecostal pastor organizing against mass incarceration?  Far from the monolith the media portrays, Evangelicals aren’t all right-wingers and fundamentalists. They are diverse, complex, and undergoing change. Many are fighting for justice.

Summits on Tenth, a new Internet video series produced by AlterNet and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, features conversations that blast through conventional thinking on pressing contemporary issues. The first episode, “Evangelicals Building a Just America,” brings you Reverend Dr. Joel C. Hunter and Pastor Michael McBride --two dynamic church leaders that defy the public image of Evangelicals.
Simon Greer, CEO of the Nathan Cummings Foundation, uses his skills as an experienced organizer and leader to bring out some surprising insights from the Reverend and the Pastor.

Check out excerpts and the full video on the Summits on Tenth YouTube channel. What these leaders had to say may surprise and inspire you; it did for us. Thank you in advance for watching and sharing. Please stay tuned for future Summits on Tenth episodes, which will tackle a variety of provocative topics, including the role and impact of fracking for natural gas in our energy debate.


Don Hazen, Executive Editor
Lynn Parramore, Economics Editor and the host of Summits on Tenth
Please do watch and share video. After all, they speak far better than I do.