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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Environmental Responsibility--Creation Care, whatever you want to call it, it boils down to the same thing--This is our home and we had better start taking better care of it.

3 Ways Fracking Is Killing Us

  • by Beth Buczynski

1) Silica Dust....
2) Flammable Water--To Watch video go to>>>

3) Poisoned Air and Soil....

Cooking the Books: State Department Ignores True Climate Impact of Keystone XL Pipeline

Oil Change International

keystonefiA new report from environmental groups shows that the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would, if approved...Read More.

America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2013

American Rivers

For thirty years, our America’s Most Endangered Rivers report has highlighted urgent threats to rivers and has spurred the public to take action. Through the report, we have helped sound the alarm on hundreds of...Read More.
The evidence is in--We Can Not Continue THIS Way.

Wind Power Opponents May Be Blowing Hot Air

David Suzuki  

Opposition to windmills often centers on health effects, but what is it about wind power that causes people to feel ill? According to recent research...Read More.

By Leslie Moyer, AlterNet
AlterNet is teaming up with the Post Carbon Institute to bring you mind-blowing images and stories that will inspire you to take action. READ MORE»

Which all leads to>>>

Take the Pledge to Stop Keystone ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Cher --
Please join with the Center for Biological Diversity in signing our pledge to stop Keystone XL and stand with thousands of people rising up for future that preserves the animals and the wild places we all love.