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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To fight for truth and justice is to fight against the Extremists of the Religious Right

By Bill Berkowitz, Smirking Chimp
They know the tide of public opinion has turned against them on gay marriage. READ MORE»
Yes, I believe I was saying this for awhile now. After all, my former Supervisor and her sister the owner/ manager of cleaning service, well mostly the supervisor was a Ultra-Conservative Religious Fanatic who regularly 'discerned' every other person, from cleaning service employees to teachers at St. Paul Lutheran Elementary School/ Church to the Pastors who served there as 'Witches' and 'Warlock' as is she, by virtue of age and Caucasian Skin, was the True Holiness and True Righteousness of God. After all, two of those whom she knew that she knew were 'Witches' were both Caucasian young ladies who happen to be dating African-American young men, but she said that that meant that they were 'Witches'. BUT, THEN, IT Was Very Important to find ways of convicting as many as possible of 'Witchcraft' since I remember overhearing her talk to her sister that they could take ___ for what they were worth, since ___ was a 'Witch'.  As is it is written in Malachi that a workman is only worthy of their wages if they can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that they love the Lord with their heart, soul and mind, anything less then they are not worthy of their wages no matter how hard they work. If the customer/ client can be convicted of 'Witchcraft' then the supplies that they pay for can be taken home and sold for personal gain--The more teachers that can be accused = the more this can be done in the school; the more the church people can be accused = the more this can be done in the church.

In Addition, when they were not ripping people off by the power of the Holy Spirit, they were running scared from 'demons' and 'witches'.  She would rush and rush to get the job done as fast as possible and in her haste, she would have many small accidents, but of course in her haste she never caused her own accidents--the demons are after her again!!! the demons are after her again!! So in the Name of Jesus, she would start casting them out, of course, she would not slow down. So it would take her Jesus, 15 to 25 rounds to gain the victory, no matter what time the work was finally finished the work would finally get done and she would proclaim victory--in Jesus Holy Name.  Which begs the question--
How many Right Wing Fanatics, who are terrified of this and terrified of that are responsible for>>>>

By Annie-Rose Strasser, Think Progress
The town’s Police Chief said he hopes “having a gun would help residents take their protection into their own hands,” since the town has an understaffed police department. READ MORE»

Too many Guns are the problem--more guns is not the solution--more guns will only escalate the Gun Violence even more.

After all, there are many many Fear Mongers, such as>>>

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 Yours in Freedom,
Lee Bellinger
Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living

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More like Yours In Fear & Terror... After all, remember how many times one angel of God or another, as recorded in the Holy Bible, said "Fear Not." So why would the Holy Spirit fill us with fear.