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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Environment is no joke

On this April Fool's Day, I was going to pull a joke or two, but then I remembered that there are many many who are far more funnier than I am, so I have decided to blog as usual, instead.

Biggest Oklahoma Earthquake Ever Linked To Oil IndustryBiggest Oklahoma Earthquake Ever Linked To Oil Industry

In 2011, a report from the United States Geological Survey linked a series of earthquakes in Oklahoma in January 2011 to a fracking operation underway there.

There was no definitive proof, but it seemed likely that tracking was related to those Oklahoma earthquakes.
On November 5, 2011, a 5.7 earthquake struck near Prague, in central Oklahoma. Fourteen homes were leveled, schools were closed for repairs, and the quake was felt across 17 states. If it had not been centered in open country, the effects could have been much worse. Nevertheless, it worried seismologists, who had believed this area to be seismically safe.
Quake Triggered By Oil Wastewater... READ MORE!
So Fracking caused earthquakes in Oklahoma, even before causing earthquakes in Ohio, yet our Ohio State Government in all their Republican Wisdom learned nothing from it.

Ohio Needs Clean Energy

 Ohio Needs Clean Energy

Written by Laura Michelle Burns
This past year, we upgraded the insulation in our home and added a new energy-efficient furnace. Although Ohio’s winter wasn’t that harsh, with temperatures similar to those in 2011 and 2012, I was interested to see what these changes would mean for our wallet. Since our home has a newly improved seal from outside weather, we knew we wouldn’t be wasting the energy we’d previously paid for. It goes without saying that the less energy we waste, the less energy we pay. In these uncertain economic times, it makes sense to increase efficiency...Read More.

 Yes, we in Ohio do need to do more for our environment.

Success! Public Lands Safe from Oil and Gas Drilling

 Public lands in Wyoming and Utah embody the unrestrained beauty of American wilderness. Thanks to the effort of conservationists and activists, including thousands from the Care2 community, public lands in these two states are now better protected against the pollution of the oil and gas industry....Read More.

Well, this is a good start, but only a start, since much land is privately own. The question is does one land owner have the right to pollute his own and all neighbors' ground water??



The True Price of Carbon (And Why You’re Paying For It)The True Price of Carbon (And Why You’re Paying For It)

In today’s dog-eat-dog economic system, people want the facts. They want to see the math, and ultimately, they want to know how it affects their personal lives. Because if you can’t show someone how pollution or climate change affects their health or wallet, they’re not likely to care. Read More and Watch Video, I hope.