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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Evening's Call to Action is Job Action

I am passing on this e-mail for my fellow Americans because no matter who is or is not in the White House, the President can only do so much-the rest is up to us--to look after each other.

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Making the Most of Your Commute to Work Making the Most of Your Commute to Work

For many Americans, the average work week not only encompasses 40 hours, but also the added time spent commuting back and forth. This can make finding work–life balance a daunting task. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, on average, Americans spend more than 100 hours per year commuting. Add this up on a day–to–day basis, and often times you can be adding an extra hour or more per day to your work week, driving or on public transport... Read More »

Things Employers Want to See on Your Resume 

Things Employers Want to See on Your Resume

While job search strategies may have shifted with the advent of social networks and more recruiting taking place online, one constant remains – you need a solid resume, say our career experts. Whether you present this in standard written form or via your profile page on networking sites such as LinkedIn, your resume is the first impression an employer has of you as a viable candidate... Read More »


How the Overcrowded Job Market Is Changing the Mindset of Universities and StudentsHow the Overcrowded Job Market Is Changing the Mindset of Universities and Students

In today’s difficult economy, there are many qualified candidates coming out of top–flight graduate schools, but unfortunately there are not enough job opportunities waiting for them. The overall employment rate for the law school class of 2011 fell to its lowest level since 1994 – at just 85.6 percent. Even worse, merely 65.6 percent of law school graduateTo view this email as a webpage, click here.s in 2011 found jobs that required bar membership in the first place, thus leaving 35 percent of law school graduates to either be underemployed or not employed at all... Read More »

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How Finding Your Passion Can Improve Your Life | Anita Fiander | Become an Empowered Woman | Personal Power for Women |Authentic Leadership | Feminine Leadership |How to Become a Leader | How to Overcome Adversity | | Women's Self Esteem |Fulfill Your Purpose - Everybody feels passionate about something. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out exactly what that is, but you have big dreams inside of you that are driven by your deepest values and convictio...
Find a work place where you are respected and paid what you are worth and is truly worthy of you or be the boss who is truly worthy to be called The Boss. We really do owe it to each other.

Are You a Bad Boss, Do You Work for One? Resumebear Online Resume - Everyone has horror stories about bad bosses. Then when we become the boss, we tend to think that we’re only doing what is necessary and, by the way, that employees cause all the problems. Thing is...
Yes, I have, which is why I do my very best to pass along every usable e-mail possible. After all, when I should have looked out for my co-workers I did--I was too worried about my own bills and too tired from working every hour possible, but then not spending more time with my sons. Oh, I wish I was a better co-worker.

How to choose a new career - It was a big decision whether we should do reality TV. Since mostly only people with crazy, falling-apart lives do reality TV, I realized that to feel good about doing the show, I’d have to think a...


Soulseeds » Blog Archive » Empathy Without Overwhelm - How do you hold the pain of the world without being swallowed whole by it? How do you hold the pain of your loved ones without being consumed by anxiety and fear? How do you even hold your own pain...

Saturday Morning Post--A Call For Unity-After all, we are all in this Together.

The middle class is being hollowed out; increasingly, there are the super-super-rich, and there are the rest of us.READ MORE

 This reminds me so much of what the lady customer told us, her former company made Billions in profits, but yet still laid people off. What did they do with the extra money--that is easy, In My Opinion. After all, I live in the battleground state of Ohio, where Conservative PACs have been waging a very expensive television ad war against President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown since September 2011, while the Ohio Democratic Party was busy Defeating State Issue 2, which if it would have passed would have cost Ohio jobs.

Molly: A Dog With A Lot On Her Mind -
Americans aren't as divided over politics as the pundits say. But they disagree on everything else. READ MORE

As my fellow Barbra D. so elegantly wrote:
I am truly sick and tired of everybody complaining about having to share the payment of healthcare. Is this what American has come to? Our grandparents and great-grandparents pitched in and shared the load and got themselves through two World Wars and a Great Depression. White people got together and helped black people escaped to freedom.This country will go down the tubes because at least half the country doesn't want to help out the other half. How mean. How utterly selfish. For shame. We'd be nowhere at all, just another commonweath or territory about 1/8 our current size if people didn't get together and make something happen. My hand is out, brothers and sisters, and not to take anything from you. It's to pull you up here with me so that together we can help others.
The sad reality is that Big Business and the Republican Party have both forgotten what made America --America and now we are paying the price.

Here is what progressives can learn from right-wing messaging. READ MORE

Yes, there is much to read and learn. After all, there is much to lose from Health Care to earning a livable wage to the environment.

I am sorry, it is topics like this that strike a nerve for me. After all, this is faar to close to the Cross that I must bare--the Cross of my shame--the Cross of a debt that I have now way on this God's Green Earth of Atoning for. After all, it was against a former co-worker at a Cleaning Service where we were not allowed to exchange too much information about each other--especially full names--we may have snucked full names when we first met a new co-worker, but after calling each other by first name and first name only, last names got forgotten. 
What can I say; since Lora Campe can now be found in Medina. 'Dan' must have lost his legal case against her company and her sister--Ethel 'Jane', whom I remember (and now can never forget) gave this Diabetic the hardest and dirtiest Cleaning job as punishment for calling off the day before and somehow she was the only and only person who 'saw' him try to rip off my car, who(Ethel 'Jane' had such a reputation of being a Holy Ghost Filled Christian-too few employees questioned her motives--which proved to be the biggest mistake possible--because this Holy Ghost filled Christian is one of the biggest cons around--later far too late--I started catching her contradicting herself) was later found to be an expert at telling half-truths and other lies; and who would say anything not to cost her sister, Lora Campe, money. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Let Us All Thank President Obama for ObamaCare, which will one day be proven to be a Blessing To All Americans.

Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on with added pictures, because our President Obama Deserves our support for supporting us. BTW, yes, I shared on facebook too, but I would like to do more, so here it is-->

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:
Thank you for signing my petition yesterday, "Thank President Obama for Obamacare."

But to really make a difference, we need a lot more people to join in. Can you share this petition with all your friends?
Click here to share it on Facebook:The Umpire Returns: Roberts’ Decision In The Affordable Care Act
Then, forward the email below to everyone you know.
–Jen Job

What Does Affordable Health Care Have To Do With Education?

Two years ago, my mother, Rhonda, lost her job. Then she lost her health insurance. She needed major surgery, but was so worried about bankrupting our family with hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills that she waited. She waited until she couldn't hold off any longer without risking her life.

The Affordable Care Act (aka, "Obamacare") came along just in time. It saved her life, and has already helped many more Americans get desperately needed health care. And it happened because we fought for it in Congress, online, on the phones, and in the streets.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare and its protections, my mother--along with millions of other Americans--can feel confident that they'll be able to get the care they need. And that makes me very thankful.

Let's join together in thanking President Obama for his work to pass Obamacare and protect the lives of millions of Americans.

So I created a petition to President Barack Obama, which says:

Thank you for working to pass Obamacare!
Will you sign this petition? Click here:

Thanks! Cordelia Is 7 Yrs. Old: One Health Care Story
P.S.>>> Cordelia may be only 7 years old, but we adults have a lot to learn from her.

Cordelia Is 7 Yrs. Old: One Health Care Story

P.P.S.>>>There is also this e-mail that I would like to pass on. After all, as I have written many times before--the Middle Class is the backbone of society, which means the more young people who graduate from college with a heavy debt burden the worse it is for all of us>>>>
For the last two days, I've been in Washington, D.C., helping deliver over 1 million signatures to Congress in support of the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012—a bill to extend a helping hand to those struggling under massive amounts of student loan debt.
It's an amazing moment—the culmination of a huge movement for student debt forgiveness. Please take a moment to make sure your voice is counted among those demanding action from Congress.
Click here to sign the petition for student debt forgiveness now.
Since 1999, average student loan debt has increased by a shameful 511%. In 2010, total outstanding student loan debt exceeded total outstanding credit card debt in America for the first time ever. In 2012, total outstanding student loan debt is expected to exceed $1 trillion.
In response to this crisis, U.S. Representative Hansen Clarke of Michigan has just introduced H.R. 4170, the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012, which would extend a helping hand to those struggling under massive amounts of student loan debt.
Armed with stacks of petitions demanding sweeping student debt relief, we're showing Congress that this is an issue they can't ignore any longer.
The petition says:
Total outstanding student loan debt in America is expected to exceed $1 TRILLION this year. Millions of hardworking, taxpaying, educated Americans are being crushed under the weight of their educational debts, while the economy continues to sputter. Support a REAL economic stimulus and jobs plan. Support the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 (H.R. 4170).
Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:
–Robert Applebaum
The text above was written by Robert Applebaum, not by MoveOn staff, and MoveOn is not responsible for the content. This email was sent through MoveOn's secure system, and your information has been kept private.

Want to support our work? MoveOn Civic Action is entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

Jobs--Job Hunting-Job Seekers--The Economy

Dear Reader, I am passing on this e-mail that I finally found in honor of a costomer, who was resently laid-off from her job and who at 55+years of age is now back job hunting, despite the fact that the company that she worked for-for many-many years, was very profitable--they still laid-off many people or so I have been told by her, whom I have no reason to call a liar who more than likely is not alone in her circumstances to put it mildly.
What’s next for long-term nonprofit founders and leaders who have devoted their working lives to solving social problems? That’s the focus of a survey featured this week in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

“Virtually all of the people in the study, which included some leaders who have already retired, said they wanted to continue working for charitable causes as volunteers or in more flexible paid roles,” the Chronicle reported. “But just over half wondered if they would, indeed, be able to find a way to contribute after leaving their current positions, an indication of fears that the nonprofit world might not be ready to make full use of their skills.”

The online survey of 266 nonprofit employees age 55 and older was conducted by the Building Movement Project, a group aimed at strengthening social-change nonprofits, along with and Clohesy Consulting. (See selected stats here.)

Survey results show that nonprofit leaders don't want to retire from being activists to build a better future. They want new ways to continue meaningful work – with more flexibility, less stress and responsibility, and the continued income they need for financial security.
Check out the full study here:

The upcoming retirements of experienced nonprofit leaders will create an abundance of executive-level talent, eager to continue contributing – and pose a challenge to the sector. How can it engage this talent in high-impact, meaningful roles, both paid and unpaid?

As for the talent, long-term nonprofit leaders are apprehensive about entering a new, encore stage of life and work, but remain optimistic about their future. They know what they want even if they may not be sure how to get it or where they will land.
I'm optimistic, too. I believe that we, as an aging nation, will find new and innovative ways to make the best and highest use of our experience. The cost of wasting this opportunity – now and for future generations – is simply too high.
All best,
Phyllis Segal
Vice President,

I live in a community with a

Job Club, but if you live in a 

community without one, 

Maybe--Just Maybe Your 

community is waiting for you 

to start one?????

Hosted By

Community Job Club, Inc.

is a non-profit organization that provides low cost and often free job search assistance to mature professionals of all levels, new grads, vets and anyone who wants to learn how to set themselves apart from their competition or determine what direction to pursue for their next career opportunity.

The Community Job Club, Inc. helps individuals from entry to executive level to achieve financial stability through job search assistance that leads to success.  A team of knowledgeable career coaches delivers programming that addresses each person’s unique career needs from a holistic perspective that
supports the needs of the whole family.


Two Free Monthy Meetings

 2nd Thursday 3- 5 pm
New Member Orientation: 2:15 – 2:45 pm

4thThursday:7-9 pm
New Member Orientation:
6:15 – 6:45 pm

Meet one-on-one with one of our career coaches to discuss occupational questions and challenges. Sessions are designed to meet an individual’s specific situation and work pace.

Services offered include:

Resume Tune-ups

Resumes from Scratch

Individualized Career Coaching
and more...
A sliding-fee scale ensures that our programs and services are accessible to everyone.
The Community Job Club, Inc. programs are generously supported
by the following organizations

ASSET of Northeast Ohio • InterChez Properties, LLC • Coffee News ● Northwestern Mutual
The City of Stow • REA Career Services ● Community Volunteers

email: ▪

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Overcoming the unemployed "stigma" - In the movie "The Company Men," several managers get laid-off. One of them is afraid that the neighbors will find out. He dresses up in the morning, and then leaves home in a suit, only to return f...

Yes, there is something that needs to be over come. After all, there may very well be a name for it, but I do not know it. However, I do remember that feeling of having to explain--'That No, I am not lazy, just unemployed!'
Unfortunately, this is the same thing caused me to stay in a bad job run by dishonest 'Holy Ghost Filled Christians'. It was that fear of unemployment that caused so much problems, but then again, this is why I post so much about jobs. God Forbid Anyone Have To Stay In A Bad Job A Moment Longer Than Absolutely Necessary-Working For NON-Union, Bully Bosses, Who Get Away With Lying and Cheating and Stealing, Just Because They Control The Pay Checks.

P.P.S.>>>> JUST IN CASE, THERE ARE ANY QUESTIONS OF WHY I OCCASIONALLY--NO, ALL TOO OFTEN--GO ON AN ANTI-REPUBLICAN RANT---I Submit this little note that I found on the windshield of my car, which was put on there while I was at work.
Apparently so BIG BRAVE CONSERVATIVE Did not have the courage to disagree with my (Vote D for Ohio) bumper sticker or (STOP THE RIGHT-WING ATTACK MACHINE--Vote For Sen. Sherrod Brown) bumper sticker.  
I AM NOT ANGRY--I PITY THIS POOR COWARD WHO SADLY READ MY TWO BUMPER STICKER WHEN THEY WERE NOT CARRYING THEIR COURAGE - Which ever handgun or shotgun or rifle, They most likely carry around with them to protect them from fear-WITH THEM--since I have no idea of he or she or age or anything else of who left the note.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good News-Good News- And More on Jobs.

NRDC Save BioGems

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail, because it it indeed a good news kind of day. After all, I am a firm believer that we Americans and the rest of the World do not need to sacrifice our environment and our lives to have jobs. There are such a thing as Green Jobs, which we need to continue to develop. Green Jobs are the win-win-win scenario that works out best for everyone, in the here and now and for the future:
VICTORY!Clearwater River
Thanks to you, we defeated Exxon’s plan to turn a pristine stretch of the Rocky Mountains into an industrial tar sands corridor.

This is a win for the environment worth celebrating.

Last week, we succeeded in bringing down a Goliath ... none other than Exxon Mobil.

Thanks to your activism, we forced the oil giant to back down in its quest to turn a remote and wild stretch of the Rocky Mountains into an industrial transportation corridor.

Exxon has formally withdrawn its application with the state of Montana to ship thousands of mega-sized tractor trailers, filled with tar sands equipment, along the pristine Lolo Pass, high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Since we first learned of Exxon’s plans in 2010, tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders like you stood strong in vocally opposing Exxon’s dangerous “mega-load” scheme.

Your messages to the state of Montana and the U.S. Forest Service helped persuade officials to delay the project last year. Now, in the face of overwhelming public opposition, Exxon has officially thrown in the towel.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Exxon’s frightening plan called for hauling mining equipment, some of it as long as 210 feet and over 300,000 pounds, through this vulnerable ecosystem and onward to Canada.

Not only would building the transportation corridor have destroyed one of the most beautiful stretches of the Lewis and Clark trail, it would have paved the way for Exxon to extract more oil through the dirty process of tar sands mining.

In Canada, tar sands development has already caused devastation in the boreal forest -- creating vast toxic waste sites, destroying critical wildlife habitat for millions of migratory birds, and generating three times the amount of global warming pollution as conventional fuel production.

With this victory, residents in Rocky Mountain communities on both sides of the border can breathe easier.

I hope you’ll join with me in celebrating this momentous win. And thank you again for fighting alongside NRDC to defeat Exxon Mobil.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

 The Center for Reproductive Rights Action Alert
Dear Readers, I am passing on This e-mail because--This is indeed Good News, not only for us who are the uninsured and for the Middle and Working Classes and everyone in America who gets sick; but also for the American Economy in the long run. After all, as I have said before The Middle Class is the True Backbone of Society. Health Care benefits save people's lives and saves people from going broke, which will save the Middle Class--one family at a time:
The news out of Washington today is excellent for women across the United States.
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act is a victory for all Americans—securing constitutional protection for the greatest step forward for women's reproductive health in decades.
The preventive benefits advanced under the law represent vital progress toward the fulfillment of a fundamental right to affordable reproductive health care for all women. By broadening access to affordable care, the law reinforces every woman's right to make her own decisions about her family, her future, and her reproductive health.
President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law two years ago and initiated a set of rules that vastly expand women's access to copay-free preventive health careincluding contraception, cancer screenings, HIV testing, well-woman visits, prenatal and post-partum care and counseling, and other essential services.
The act also bars the denial of coverage for preexisting conditionsincluding those unique to women, such as pregnancy.
Not surprisingly, the opponents of reproductive rights are furious about today's decision. The anti-choice group Americans United for Life just launched an alert rallying their supporters to "sustain the attack against tax-payer funded abortion." They've created the "Federal Abortion-Mandate Opt-Out Act"which eight states have already used to block insurance plans currently covering abortion from receiving federal funding in their state exchanges.
We will continue to fight back hard against their attacks, and we will continue our work with those who support this advancement for women's health to ensure robust and far-reaching access to affordable, essential health care for all American women.
There's still a long road ahead of us, but today we have won a landmark victory that will set the stage for the still greater progress we are working tirelessly to secure.
Thanks, as always, for all you do,
Nancy Northup Nancy Northup
President & CEO

Speaking of saving the Economy--one family at a time--This is where I hope and pray to do my part by passing on this information, which hopefully helps someone or can be passed on to someone who might benefit from -->

Technology so advanced, it's classified. Student Internship Opportunities at CIA.
Hey career coaches! Brazen is excited to launch a new project to bring together career coaches and job seekers.
  • Interested in being featured as a coach or resume expert? Let us know here
  • Are you a job seeker interested in connecting with a career coach or resume consultant, sign up here to be notified when our resource center launches!
Is Your Tattoo Ink Killing Your Job Search?

Is Your Tattoo Ink Killing Your Job Search?

What should you do if you’re all inked up? A tattooed professional with a background in HR and recruiting tells it like it is. READ »
There are times like this that I am so glad that I never got the nerve to get a tattoo. After all, I am too scared of needles to go through with getting even a small one, because this in one less thing that I have to worry about. 

When was the last time you thought about your resume in a context other than needing to get it updated or submitted? Probably never. READ »
Question Mark
If you’re working a side hustle, living the slasher lifestyle or taking another unconventional career route, this question isn’t always easy to answer. READ »

Oh, Do I Hear this. After all, that dreaded question is why my older son keeps reminding me why I should go back to job hunting, since to say that I work at Wendy's--to him sounds so lowly or rather compared to him--who is about to become a Teacher and more.
Those of us lucky enough to have siblings know a rewarding, lifelong loving relationship is built upon a firm foundation of taunts, noogies and tattling. READ »

Ah, Yes, the benefit of having a tough act to follow.

Here is to Going Back to Environmental Issues

Wyoming Oil Industry Pays Salaries of Federal Workers Who Issue Their Drilling Permits

Wyoming Oil Industry Pays Salaries of Federal Workers Who Issue Their Drilling Permits
The term ‘conflict of interest’ was invented for situations like this: the Petroleum Association of Wyoming openly admits to providing money to pay the salaries of additional federal Bureau of Land Management staff members, who have been hired to help speed up the permitting process for oil and gas drilling operations.
Here’s the Wyoming Tribune:
Wyoming oil and natural gas operators, anxious to hurry up the bogged-down federal drill permit process, are forking over tens of thousands of dollars to pay for additional federal staff and overtime....
This is also why the Petroleum Industry should not be trusted and real regulations are necessary, but by people whose only motive is to do the right thing for all. After all-->

Ozone Attacks Your Heart Within Hours Of Exposure

Ozone Attacks Your Heart Within Hours Of ExposureThis summer, it’s in your best interest to pay attention to local ozone level alerts. A recent study found that just two hours of exercising during increase ozone levels can cause unfavorable changes in heart function–even in those with no history of heart disease.
The study, recently published in the journal Circulation, asked healthy, young volunteers to participate in two hours of intermittent exercise in a lab while being exposed first to “clean” air, and then to air containing 0.3 parts per million of ozone. While this level is somewhat higher than average ozone levels in most U.S. cities, it is on par with the amount of ozone a person in an average American city would be exposed to if they spent seven to eight hours outside.....
We are not only what we eat, but what we breath in as well. Since saving the environment saves lives,  is not being Pro-Environment, truly being the real Pro-Lifers. As oppose to the So-Called Pro-Lifers who only care that the baby gets born then its duty done-mission over time-time for the next pregnancy. 
This is why we need to keep the EPA Strong--Strong enough to Save Lives by Saving the Environment.

Federal Court Upholds EPA Emissions Rules

Federal Court Upholds EPA Emissions RulesHere’s a bit of good news for all of you who care about the environment. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the EPA’s greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution emission rules issued under the Clean Air Act (CAA). The court, in a unanimous opinion by the three-judge panel, rejected legal challenges against the Climate Pollution Endangerment Finding, Clean Car Standards and Timing and Tailoring Rules. The EPA issued the rules in response to the Supreme Court’s 2007 ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA that GHGs are air pollutants subject to regulation under the CAA.
“In the end, petitioners are asking us to re-weigh the scientific evidence before EPA and reach our own conclusion,” the panel wrote in the 82-page opinion. “This is not our role.”
Looking at a partial list, compiled by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), of the petitioners is telling. The list includes companies, business groups, states and politicians:---READ MORE.
Yet, during the Republican Primary when candidate Romney promised to do away with the EPA the Republican audience actually had the nerve to cheer--Why, Oh Why, would anyone who does not have a death wish do such a thing????
YES, THIS IS-IN MY OPINION-ANOTHER REASON TO RE-ELECT OBAMA--God Forbid, IF Romney would start appointing the Federal Judges.

Cast Your Vote for the 2012 Ocean Heroes Awards!

Oceana’s Finalist Selection Committee has chosen six Adult and five Junior Finalists for the Ocean Heroes Awards. These finalists were announced just yesterday, and the rest is in your hands – you’ll vote to decide who will be the 2012 Ocean Heroes.

What does it mean to be an Ocean Hero? The finalists have various interests, ranging from sea turtles to sustainable sushi. They work to influence lawmakers, rehabilitate animals, and reduce pollution. Every Ocean Hero is different, but they all share a passion for the world's oceans that drives them to make a difference.

The winners will receive a prize package that includes fantastic gifts from our corporate sponsors, Nautica and Revo.

For today's Daily Action, cast your vote for who will be this year's Ocean Heroes!
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