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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Morning's Calls to Action For the Environment and For Equality

today's action
Protect Your Family From Air Pollution
Last Chance to Stand Up to Polluters

Big Coal recently paid people $50 each to pose as their supporters during a public hearing on the EPA's first-ever carbon pollution limits from power plants. TODAY is the last day the EPA will be accepting comments about these life-saving standards, so make sure to send your message of support before midnight!

Doctors, nurses, and scientists warn that carbon pollution makes smog worse, which causes asthma attacks and even permanent lung damage.

Big Coal has poured millions into derailing clean air protections, but you can help make sure their money doesn’t win out over the health of our communities. For today's Daily Action, submit a public comment to the EPA in support of clean air.

This is especially true, here in Ohio, America's and the World Dependancy on Fossil Fuel must end. After all, Fossil Fuel is sooo Yesterday and this is the 21st Century and we need 21st Century energy solutions.


alternative action Stand Up for Equality
Be on the Right Side of History: Say You're a Straight Ally Being a straight supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality doesn't mean you have to be a silent supporter. For today's Secondary Action, sign the petition to say you're a straight ally for equality.