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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Morning--Part I--is dedicated to the Environment

Tell Foreign Mining Corporations That "No Means No" ! Stop The Pebble Mine ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Despite overwhelming local opposition, foreign mining giants Anglo American and Rio Tinto are pressing forward with plans to build a gargantuan, open-pit gold and copper mine above Alaska's Bristol Bay -- threatening the world's greatest sockeye salmon runs and the very last 284 beluga whales of Cook Inlet.

Sign the Petition today and tell these two corporations not to build a mega-mine against the will of local citizens.

Reality Check, United States and most expecially the state of Ohio--Fossil Fuels are so Yesterday. Between the PollutionS they cause, that are of the air, water and earth. In addition, the supply is limited and getting less and less.  Global Climate Change is Real and we Humans are Responsible.

Germany Swaps Nuclear for Solar and Wind Power

In response to the Fukushima meltdown - which did $50 billion in damage to Japan's economy - Germany aims to close all its reactors by 2022. 
Germany, the world’s most aggressive adopter of renewable energy, is taking a bold leap toward a future free from nuclear energy. In March, the German government announced a program to invest 200 billion euros, or approximately $270 billion, in renewables. That’s 8 percent of the country’s GDP, according to the DIW Economic Institute in Berlin.

Thank You, Germany! Hint-Hint, United States, most especially the state of Ohio.
After all, believe it or not, I do so much prefer lighting candles to cursing the darknesses, but all too often the darkness hides behind the Cross of Jesus and all too often the darkness hides and all too often it feels like there is so much more of the darkness that the light of knowledge needs to point out-that celebrating Good News feels like it is becoming harder and harder--After all, we cannot believe that we do not have-->

Congressional Candidate Wants To Impeach Obama For ‘Giving Away’ Seven Arctic Islands

 Congressional Candidate Wants To Impeach Obama For ‘Giving Away’ Seven Arctic Islands