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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good News-Good News- And More on Jobs.

NRDC Save BioGems

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail, because it it indeed a good news kind of day. After all, I am a firm believer that we Americans and the rest of the World do not need to sacrifice our environment and our lives to have jobs. There are such a thing as Green Jobs, which we need to continue to develop. Green Jobs are the win-win-win scenario that works out best for everyone, in the here and now and for the future:
VICTORY!Clearwater River
Thanks to you, we defeated Exxon’s plan to turn a pristine stretch of the Rocky Mountains into an industrial tar sands corridor.

This is a win for the environment worth celebrating.

Last week, we succeeded in bringing down a Goliath ... none other than Exxon Mobil.

Thanks to your activism, we forced the oil giant to back down in its quest to turn a remote and wild stretch of the Rocky Mountains into an industrial transportation corridor.

Exxon has formally withdrawn its application with the state of Montana to ship thousands of mega-sized tractor trailers, filled with tar sands equipment, along the pristine Lolo Pass, high up in the Rocky Mountains.

Since we first learned of Exxon’s plans in 2010, tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders like you stood strong in vocally opposing Exxon’s dangerous “mega-load” scheme.

Your messages to the state of Montana and the U.S. Forest Service helped persuade officials to delay the project last year. Now, in the face of overwhelming public opposition, Exxon has officially thrown in the towel.

We couldn’t have done it without you.

Exxon’s frightening plan called for hauling mining equipment, some of it as long as 210 feet and over 300,000 pounds, through this vulnerable ecosystem and onward to Canada.

Not only would building the transportation corridor have destroyed one of the most beautiful stretches of the Lewis and Clark trail, it would have paved the way for Exxon to extract more oil through the dirty process of tar sands mining.

In Canada, tar sands development has already caused devastation in the boreal forest -- creating vast toxic waste sites, destroying critical wildlife habitat for millions of migratory birds, and generating three times the amount of global warming pollution as conventional fuel production.

With this victory, residents in Rocky Mountain communities on both sides of the border can breathe easier.

I hope you’ll join with me in celebrating this momentous win. And thank you again for fighting alongside NRDC to defeat Exxon Mobil.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

 The Center for Reproductive Rights Action Alert
Dear Readers, I am passing on This e-mail because--This is indeed Good News, not only for us who are the uninsured and for the Middle and Working Classes and everyone in America who gets sick; but also for the American Economy in the long run. After all, as I have said before The Middle Class is the True Backbone of Society. Health Care benefits save people's lives and saves people from going broke, which will save the Middle Class--one family at a time:
The news out of Washington today is excellent for women across the United States.
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act is a victory for all Americans—securing constitutional protection for the greatest step forward for women's reproductive health in decades.
The preventive benefits advanced under the law represent vital progress toward the fulfillment of a fundamental right to affordable reproductive health care for all women. By broadening access to affordable care, the law reinforces every woman's right to make her own decisions about her family, her future, and her reproductive health.
President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law two years ago and initiated a set of rules that vastly expand women's access to copay-free preventive health careincluding contraception, cancer screenings, HIV testing, well-woman visits, prenatal and post-partum care and counseling, and other essential services.
The act also bars the denial of coverage for preexisting conditionsincluding those unique to women, such as pregnancy.
Not surprisingly, the opponents of reproductive rights are furious about today's decision. The anti-choice group Americans United for Life just launched an alert rallying their supporters to "sustain the attack against tax-payer funded abortion." They've created the "Federal Abortion-Mandate Opt-Out Act"which eight states have already used to block insurance plans currently covering abortion from receiving federal funding in their state exchanges.
We will continue to fight back hard against their attacks, and we will continue our work with those who support this advancement for women's health to ensure robust and far-reaching access to affordable, essential health care for all American women.
There's still a long road ahead of us, but today we have won a landmark victory that will set the stage for the still greater progress we are working tirelessly to secure.
Thanks, as always, for all you do,
Nancy Northup Nancy Northup
President & CEO

Speaking of saving the Economy--one family at a time--This is where I hope and pray to do my part by passing on this information, which hopefully helps someone or can be passed on to someone who might benefit from -->

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