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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Actions Speak Louder than Words

today's actionWorld Refugee Day: 5 Ways to Take Action

Tomorrow is World Refugee Day. Did you know that over 43 million members of our global family are refugees, having fled their homes to escape conflict, persecution, or natural disasters? Africa suffers from more than its fair share of civil war and ethnic strife, and thus millions of families in the Congo, Mali, and Sudan have fled their homelands and are currently in limbo.
World Refugee Day, created by the United Nations in 2000, is a chance for you to help change all this. Our friends at TakePart have collected some opportunities to help you fight the food crisis in the Sahel, protect vulnerable women in Mauritania, support primary education for refugees in Sudan, and more.
For today's Daily Action, check out TakePart's "5 Ways to Take Action" and learn how you can help refugees around the world!
 May be it is me, but at times like this Action is needed more than even more words. After all, talk is cheap--Actions; not words are needed. Enough Said.

alternative action WATCH: "Troubling" Milestone for CO2 Emissions
The world’s air has reached what scientists call a troubling new milestone for the main global warming pollutant, carbon dioxide. For today's Secondary Action, watch the video to see what the milestone is and what the consequences could be. Take Action >>

After all, we are on this planet together--together we will either solve this or leave a trail of death and destruction.

Will Putting a Price Tag on Natural Resources Make Business Care About the Environment?Will Putting a Price Tag on Natural Resources Make Business Care…



Good Question--Excellent Question--Superb Question: In short I no idea if putting a price tag on Natural Resources will make Business care or not, but at least it is in a language that they understand.  The question is will they really have a Change of Heart or will they simply fight back even harder and dirtier, but it is a possible solution. The question that this blogger has--Is It The Right Solution?? After all, I know me. I hate getting pushed around and ordered around--that is when I start fighting back. My consern is this may be the vinegar solution--"You catch more flies with butter than with vinegar."


After All--> 

VA Scientists Banned From Saying “Sea Level Rise”

VA Scientists Banned From Saying “Sea Level Rise” 

. . . "Last week, the Virginia General Assembly commissioned a study on rising sea levels and their potential impacts on coastal Virginia. But before the study got the legislature’s stamp of approval, all usage of the words ”sea level rise” or “climate change” were removed. Apparently some Republican assembly-members didn’t like the fact the research would give credence to these “liberal code words,” so they insisted that they be replaced with the term “recurrent flooding” instead.". . .

Which Begs The Question--Are These Hearts Soft Enough To Change, just because the Facts--The Scientific Evidence Says so--May Be It is me, but what I see are Hard Hearts fighting back beyond all Scientific Reason. Is it any wonder that the Christian Far Right is also Fighting Against Science??? 'Big Business, the Republican Party and the Christian Far Right' the 'UN-Holy alliance that is the core of the Re-Birth of Atheism.