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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Simple Truth Smart Pleople Forget and the rest of us need to be reminded of every so often

10 Simple Truths Smart People Forget

10 Simple Truths Smart People ForgetSome of the smartest people I know continuously struggle to get ahead because they forget to address a few simple truths that collectively govern our potential to make progress. So here’s a quick reminder:
1. Education and intelligence accomplish nothing without action.
It doesn’t matter if you have a genius IQ and a PhD in Quantum Physics, you can’t change anything or make any sort of real-world progress without taking action. There’s a huge difference between knowing how to do something and actually doing it. Knowledge and intelligence are both useless without action. It’s as simple as that. For some practical guidance on taking action, I highly recommend The Now Habit.
         2. Happiness and success are two different things. . . .
That is so very true.  After all, it is possible to become what everyone else expects from you and become successful at being what everyone expects from you. One can become very successful, but very miserable too.

        3. Everyone runs their own business. . . .
This is why I post so much about job and job seeking. I remember all too well when I worked for a Cleaning Service--to keep the job the only brand that counted was the company's brand. I remember that there were strict rules on being on first name bases and only on first name bases and exchanging any personal information was forbidden--The Bosses--Those HOLY GHOST FILLED LIARS Claimed that it was for personal safety--BUT then if so many of the workers were so  dishonest, why were they trusted to be left alone to clean people's houses. The Real problem was the boss--who started out as an employee, but through networking stole costumers and business out from under the original boss and was in constant fear that someone who do the same to her, which was why there was so much secrecy at work--and WHY NO ONE--NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO WORK AT A PLACE WHERE THEY ARE NEITHER RESPECTED NOR TRUSTED NOR HONORED AS A HUMAN BEING.  BOSSES WHO USE AND ABUSE EMPLOYEES--EMPLOYEES SHOULD BE FREE FROM FEAR TO UP AND QUIT--WITHOUT FEAR OF UNEMPLOYMENT--AFTER ALL, THE WORKMAN/WOMAN IS WORTHY OF THEIR WAGES --EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT WHITE, ANGLO-SAXON, HETEROSEXUAL, CHRISTIANS-OR Jewish, under certain conditions--Who dress as society expects them to dress--God Forbid a clean woman Not wear an apron any more that God Permit a man to wear an apron.
4. Having too many choices interferes with decision making.
Here in the twenty-first century where information moves at the speed of light and opportunities for innovation seem endless, we have an abundant array of choices when it comes to designing our lives and careers. But sadly, an abundance of choice often leads to indecision, confusion and inaction. .  .  .

Oh, yes, I remember my high school years. After all, as a child, my generation of girls were growing up being told that girls could only expect to become Mothers, Nurses, Teachers and Secretaries, maybe a few-a very few chosen few-actresses or singers; but then, all of a sudden when it became time to become--we found out that we really could become anything we wanted. I remember be one of the many who were over-whelmed with the choices. Thank God, modern girls have since been born and raised knowing that they have a wide range of choices, which none absolutely none should be taken away from them. No matter, how the Republican Party or the Religious Right may attempt to justify doing so.

5. All people possess dimensions of success and dimensions of failure.
This point is somewhat related to point number two on happiness and success, but it stands strong on its own as well …
Trying to be perfect is a waste of time and energy. Perfection is an illusion.
All people, even our idols, are multidimensional. Powerful businessmen, polished musicians, bestselling authors, and even our own parents all have dimensions of success and dimensions of failure present in their lives. . . .
This is sooo true on so many different levels in so many different ways. On one level-this is why when I take a stand on this blog, I do not expect anyone to believe me just because I wrote it down. I know and understand that evidence is expected and should be expected, or else it is just opinion. On another level, why I may never stop disappointing my sons in one way or another or another.

6. Every mistake you make is progress.
Mistakes teach you important lessons. Every time you make one, you’re one step closer to your goal. The only mistake that can truly hurt you is choosing to do nothing simply because you’re too scared to make a mistake.
So don’t hesitate—don’t doubt yourself. In life, it’s rarely about getting a chance; it’s about taking a chance. You’ll never be 100 percent sure it will work, but you can always be 100 percent sure doing nothing won’t work. Most of the time you just have to go for it! . . .

Mistakes--that is certainly where I do have experience in. After all, Lord knows that I have made my share. Thank God, for Spell Check, which keeps me from spelling errs. The problem with constantly learning from mistakes is that it becomes all too easy to lose self-confidence--this is why some times it becomes hard for me to actually take action.

7. People can be great at doing things they don’t like to do.
Although I’m not suggesting that you choose a career or trade you dislike, I’ve heard way too many smart people say something like, “In order to be great at what you do, you have to like what you do.” This just isn’t true.

Yes, this is so true, especially after a parent has been out of work for too long with too many mouths to feed. Enough Said, already.  After all, No Boss should be allowed to use and/or abuse employees.

8. The problems w;postID=977774965966482660e have with others are typically more about us.
Quite often, the problems we have with others—our spouse, parents, siblings, etc.—don’t really have much to do with them at all. Because many of the problems we think we have with them we subconsciously created in our own mind. Maybe they did something in the past that touched on one of our fears or insecurities. Or maybe they didn’t do something that we expected them to do. In either case, problems like these are not about the other person, they’re about us. . . .
As the saying goes, we each make our own heaven and our own hell.

          9. Emotional decisions are rarely good decisions. . . .
This is why I need and must re-learn to control my temper. I remember growing up with a hot German temper, which I learned to control; but then, after I got married to a husband who developed a drinking problem. He was an angry drunk. After having endored his angry out bursts, I found myself with anger management issues again, which got worse when I was stuck working under a 'Holy Ghost Filled Pain in the A$$' who used her authority to talk down to people-(me)--if only her 'disciple'/ younger sister-- Lora Campe did not give her (Ethel, 'Jane') so much power to use and abuse employees.
        10. You will never feel 100 percent ready when an opportunity arises. . . .
This is why self-confidence is so very very important. This is why fear of failure is so dangerous  and how fear of failure can and does become a prison. I know and understand, I am still working my way out of mine, which is proving to be a constant struggle for growth. That no matter how many times, I fall flat on my face, I know I need to get up and keep trying, but knowing and doing are two different things, indeed.
P.S.--> I will always strive to do my best to end a blog with solutions, not just ranting or griping--unfortunately I am very human and often the blog that I intended to write is not the blog that gets written, for which I am sorry about.  This blog is where I hope to change the world, even it it means that I become the negative example that others learn from. With any luck and a wing and a prayer and with enough effort, when I die, this may actually become my epitaph -->"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice"--White Elk, Cherokee.

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