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Sunday, June 10, 2012

To Deliver Ohio From Darkness

Oil companies are spilling and dumping drilling waste onto the region's land and into its waterways with increasing regularity.

"There's no enforcement," said Keller, 50, an avid outdoorsman who has spent his career managing Lake Sakakawea, a reservoir created by damming the Missouri River. "None."
State officials say they rely on companies to clean up spills voluntarily, and that in most cases, they do. Mark Bohrer, who oversees spill reports for the Department of Mineral Resources, the agency that regulates drilling, said the number of spills is acceptable given the pace of drilling and that he sees little risk of long-term damage.READ MORE

This is why 'Fracking' must end--Most especially 'Fracking' here in the State of Ohio.  Here in Ohio, we must learn from North Dakota's mistake before it becomes too late. We must not only for ourselves, but for future generations.

After all,Ohio has much to overcome, since-->

Republican governors are still imposing slash-and-burn austerity policies on their populations, but the mainstream media isn't paying much attention.    
4. John Kasich, Ohio
Governor Kasich took a big hit when voters decisively overturned his signature piece of legislation, an anti-public-union bill even nastier than Scott Walker's, by 313,000 more votes than the governor himself had gotten the year before. And now there are investigations underway into whether he's misused his power to consolidate control over his state's Republican party.
But what else has Kasich been up to?
He also backed down on a contentious voter suppression law that would have narrowed early voting and made it harder for voters to get absentee ballots, signing a repeal of the law in an attempt to prevent it becoming a ballot measure that could drive progressive voters in November.
But Kasich's managed to sign several restrictive anti-abortion laws, including one that would ban abortion coverage by state healthcare plans that Obama's healthcare reform law requires. The insurance plans don't exist yet, but it was apparently very important to make sure they don't cover abortion—and the ACLU calls the move unconstitutional. Kasich also, last summer, signed a late-term abortion ban into law.
And he's looking forward to a new law that would allow fracking in Ohio—one that might be the nation's worst. EcoWatch said of the law, “SB 315 will allow health and safety loopholes. It requires the gas industry to pay less than almost any other state in the country, exposing our communities to the worst excesses of the fracking industry. Doctors will be prevented from talking openly about the sickness they see in their patients, and the gas industry will keep profits flowing out of our communities.”READ MORE

Which is not Good for Ohio or the Mid-West. In addition, his absentee State Treasurer is running for the United States Senate.

After all, Let Us Ohioans remember what we have to lose.
 A Blind for wildlife photographyWildflowersWildflower (2)Switch grassSince the bottom line is-->"The Earth is Not Ours, We Merely Borrow it From Our Children: Lessons from the Maya Q’eqchi" 
When it becomes time to turn it over to them, let us give it back in even better condition than we ourselves received it--Not All Used Up!!!