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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Morning Global Mix

Euro or Drachma? Greece’s Fate Rests on Sunday’s Election

Euro or Drachma? Greece’s Fate Rests on Sunday’s ElectionGreeks are voting Sunday, June 17, in a crucial election that many — politicians, finance ministers, bankers, heads of state, most certainly Greeks — believe will determine whether or not the country will remain in the euro zone, or exit and return to using the drachma. The latter scenario (dubbed a “Grexit” by some) has been too often spoken of in apocalyptic tones ever since Greece’s economic crisis arose five years ago.
Polling is not allowed in Greece in the two weeks leading up to an election. But “secret polls” indicate that the far-left party Syriza will lose to the conservative New Democracy party, says the New Statesman. The official word is that the two parties are in the top two places with a margin of 3 percent either way. Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal cites “Greek stock market participants” regarding the “secret polls”; Weisenthal notes that
Greek betting sites have shown also a spike in bets placed on New Democracy, and this too is seen as evidence of a shift. So traders like the stability of the pro-bailout, conservative New Democracy party over the chaos of the left-wing Syriza party, and thus at least right now are speculating that the status quo wll remain.

We are all interconnected through this Global Society, but what this blogger does NOT Know NOR Understand about the Greek or any And Every other Economy FILLS Volumes and Volumes and Volumes . . . . This is why I write about the United States, especially my Home State of Ohio, but we are interconnected--Here is to The Greek People coming Together and Solving their Problems in a More Mature Way than the arguing and name-calling that all too often happens in the United States. After all, Greece is the Birth Place of Democracy--Good Luck and God Speed Greece!!!!

After all, when I pass on any and everything about jobs, the most I can hope for is that they can be of assistance to every job seeker, not just under-/unemployed Americans.

Wading Among the Climate Deniers (Video) 



Is it any wonder How and/or Why We Americans end up wasting so much time arguing and arguing???

Acid Rain Makes Meat-Eating Plants Go Vegetarian


Normally, we applaud efforts to reduce meat consumption. But in this case, it’s a little disturbing.
Acid Rain Makes Meat-Eating Plants Go Vegetarian
Scientists at Loughborough University discovered that acid rain is causing carnivorous plants to change their behavior and become vegetarian. Normally, these plants depend on living things that fall into their traps to provide nutrients necessary for survival. According to the study’s lead author Dr. Jonathan Millet, nitrogen pollution is supplying carnivorous plants on Swedish bogs with so many nutrients, they don’t need to eat as many flies.
To arrive at this conclusion, Millet examined drosera rotundifolia, otherwise known as the common sundew, which grows in rain-fed bogs across much of northern Europe. These habitats are nutrient-poor, so the plant needs to boost its nitrogen intake by trapping midges and other insects with its sticky leaves.
Unfortunately, humans’ increased use of fossil fuels means that there’s more nitrogen in the air, and eventually this acidic rain falls on the bogs. Millet’s study shows that this artificial rain of fertilizer is now making carnivorous plants lose interest in insect prey. He found that plants in lightly-polluted areas got 57 percent of their nitrogen from insects; in areas that receive more nitrogen deposition, that figure fell as low as 22 percent.

 If only we can get those Climate Change Deniers to open their minds and see All the Evidence that is adding up. When we add fewer plants that eat insects to fewer bats that eat insects that adds up to an increase in the insect population. If this keeps up, then we Humans will be left to vend off the insects such as mosquitoes on our own--completely on our own, but yet still be careful not to kill off the insects that we need, such as the Honey Bee. Let Us face it, we Humans are far better off at killing off the friendly insects than the bugs that bug us, this will have to change or better yet--STOP DESTROYING OUR HOME ENVIRONMENT.
Then, Again, May Be--Just May Be--A Plaque of Insects is the wake up call that we need for all of us Humans to recognize Global Climate Change--Global Warming--which ever you call it--IT IS HAPPENING--WE HUMANS ARE DOING IT--WITH ALL THE CARBON THAT IS IN OUR ATMOSPHERE--SOME IS NEEDED TO KEEP FROM FREEZING, BUT NOT THIS MUCH--NOT THIS MUCH!!!!

One possible solution is one of the Care2 groups which I belong to--I pass these petitions on for your consideration

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After all, as I have said before and will say again--I am a firm believer that the Pen is Indeed Far Mightier than the sword.