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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Evening's Call to Action is Job Action

I am passing on this e-mail for my fellow Americans because no matter who is or is not in the White House, the President can only do so much-the rest is up to us--to look after each other.

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Making the Most of Your Commute to Work Making the Most of Your Commute to Work

For many Americans, the average work week not only encompasses 40 hours, but also the added time spent commuting back and forth. This can make finding work–life balance a daunting task. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, on average, Americans spend more than 100 hours per year commuting. Add this up on a day–to–day basis, and often times you can be adding an extra hour or more per day to your work week, driving or on public transport... Read More »

Things Employers Want to See on Your Resume 

Things Employers Want to See on Your Resume

While job search strategies may have shifted with the advent of social networks and more recruiting taking place online, one constant remains – you need a solid resume, say our career experts. Whether you present this in standard written form or via your profile page on networking sites such as LinkedIn, your resume is the first impression an employer has of you as a viable candidate... Read More »


How the Overcrowded Job Market Is Changing the Mindset of Universities and StudentsHow the Overcrowded Job Market Is Changing the Mindset of Universities and Students

In today’s difficult economy, there are many qualified candidates coming out of top–flight graduate schools, but unfortunately there are not enough job opportunities waiting for them. The overall employment rate for the law school class of 2011 fell to its lowest level since 1994 – at just 85.6 percent. Even worse, merely 65.6 percent of law school graduateTo view this email as a webpage, click here.s in 2011 found jobs that required bar membership in the first place, thus leaving 35 percent of law school graduates to either be underemployed or not employed at all... Read More »

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Find a work place where you are respected and paid what you are worth and is truly worthy of you or be the boss who is truly worthy to be called The Boss. We really do owe it to each other.

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Yes, I have, which is why I do my very best to pass along every usable e-mail possible. After all, when I should have looked out for my co-workers I did--I was too worried about my own bills and too tired from working every hour possible, but then not spending more time with my sons. Oh, I wish I was a better co-worker.

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