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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updates and More--let us all become more.

  After all, I don't know about anyone else, but I most certainly have room to keep growing, keep learning. After all, I am not yet the parent that my sons can be completely proud of. They do so much to make me proud of them, somehow I can't help feeling that I owe them more than what I am so far, such as a better example.

    After all, I am a firm believer climbing the proverbial latter is not evil. It is what we do, when we get there that is either good or evil, either for the good of all of us or for strictly our own selves.

Breaking: Senate Freezes Student Loan Rates

The U.S. Senate reached a deal to freeze federal subsidized student loan rates at 3.4 percent for another year, instead of doubling them to 6.8 percent. They still, however, have to decide how they will pay the $6 billion cost.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters: “We basically have the student loan issue worked out. The next question is, what do we put it on to make sure we can complete it?”
Reid proposed raising the premiums businesses pay for federal pension insurance. Republicans suggested shortening the period part-time students would be eligible for loans, reducing Medicaid or reducing Social Security overpayments.    Read more

Thank You, United States Senate, now it is up to the House of Representatives to follow your lead.


How to Build -- and Keep -- an Engaged Audience [INFOGRAPHIC] - Every web publisher — and especially content marketer — yearns for an engaged and loyal audience. But with the sheer volume of noise, clutter and — well, content — online it can be hard to figure o...

Oh, Do I understand this, even though I do not make any money by blogging regardless how many read or do not read my blog, for me it is not a matter of business, it is the writer in me that keeps praying for more readers.

Leadership: How to Manage Clever People - Artists, designers, and programmers are different, difficult, and--depending on your strategy--delightful. When I tell people that I spent 13 years producing radio and TV programs and then another ...

Ah, Yes, the measure of a Good Manager--to work with many different people from many different points of views and many different life experiences and still get along with one and all, without becoming a dictator. Yet, get along is a must, after all, constant training slows down the work. It is with an intelligent and experienced workforce that things (products get made or services are provided) get done in a timely manner. In addition, it is a good manager that keeps workers motivated in not only getting the job done fast,but most especially well. After all, I have been there with a certain 'bad manager' and have seen co-workers get so demoralized and angry that they deliberately did very less than their best and the cleaning had to be done over.

Leadership and Accessibility - The more successful you become as a leader, the more other people will demand of your time. As a result, if you are going to maintain margin for your most important priorities, you will have to mak...

I don't know about anyone else, but I believe I have found much to think about. Yes, I do need to get a better handle of  my priorites and find a way to just keeping on. After all, there are times when I have so many things to do, that I can just feel my brain freeze up in frustration, when that happens I just need to find a way to just keep on going anyway. After all, freezing up does not solve anything, it just makes matters worse--same things need to be done, but with even less time to do it.