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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Evening--Fighting The Good Fight--The Religious Right Has It Wrong, yet again!!

Quran-Burning Pastor Hangs Obama in Effigy

Quran-Burning Pastor Hangs Obama in EffigyTerry Jones, the Florida pastor who’s drawn criticism and death threats for his highly-publicized public burnings of the Quran, has erected a gallows on the lawn of his church with a hanged effigy of President Barack Obama. Jones claims the display is a response to Obama’s support of same-sex marriage, his stance on abortion, and his “appeasing of radical Islam.”
When asked if he had any concerns about the message he was sending in “lynching” a black President, Jones told The Pulp:
“We are looking at him as a black man. He is not black; he is not white; he is the president of the United States,” he said. “And the noose, of course, was to represent the death of his presidency and political career. Not at all to represent his race… His race has absolutely nothing to do with it.

This is why we must separate Religion From Politics! This is what is Wrong with the Religious Right! This is what is wrong with the Republican Party. This is why this Independent can not sit back and simply watch, but must get involved. This is why the Republican Party Is Proving time and time again that the Democratic Party is the one fight---THE GOOD FIGHT. This is why the Republicans have become not only their own worst enemy, but also the enemy of the people.