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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Morning's Action--Yes, We Still Can!!

today's action Food Trucks Can Fight Hunger

Remember those summer afternoons when you would hear the tinkling of ice cream truck music and you would rush to grab your money and run out to get a tasty treat? These days, people are getting all sorts of food from food trucks, that are popping up to sell everything from tacos to fresh, organic meals on street corners around the country.
However, there are 22 million kids in this country that can’t afford to eat -- at a food truck or elsewhere -- and who are in danger of going hungry this summer.
In New Haven, Connecticut, Tim Cipriano, executive director of school food services for the city, is using food trucks to bring meals to hungry kids. In the process he's working to increase access to food and reduce the stigma associated with receiving free meals.
For today's Daily Action, learn more about the innovative way food trucks can help connect hungry kids with healthy, delicious food.

Some would say that this is sad, but I say--not really! After all, what we need to remember is that when Barack Obama was elected the motto was--'Yes, we can!' --NOT--Yes, I can. If Mitt Romney wants to make believe that he is superman who can solve all the problems--solo-that is his problem, which hopefully and prayerfully does not become America's.
Then again, it could be me. After all, sometimes it feels like this Independent is the only one who remembers former President George H.W. Bush's a thousand points of light and how much it is still true under President Obama too.
Or how patriotic it is to agree with the American leaders who are doing the right thing as it is to fight against the American leaders who are doing the wrong thing.
Let us not forget that the problem of hunger is being solved--solving problems is good. It is the sweeping under the rug that is bad. 


Be the Boss You’d Like to Work For - I get to work with a lot of talented people in my own teams, the partner organizations that I’m connected with and also those that I consult and coach. It’s not rare at all to hear incredible and g...

After all, no company can stay in business without employees and even the most loyal employees will eventually quit a job where they are used and abused.  After all, constantly hiring new people means that there is no one there with experience which means that there is constant training and constant 'rookie' mistakes, which means the boss is too busy with training to grow a business. This is how small businesses stay small or get smaller or worst--go bankrupt and die.

After all, times are indeed changing and the way that business works must change with the times or get left behind.
Joe Costello, author of the book "Of, By, For: The New Politics of Money, Debt & Democracy," has a message for America: our political economy must be democratically reformed. READ MORE

 Now, IF Only we Americans can convince the Republican Party of Social Conservatives--The Tea Party Movement within--That this is indeed the 21st Century and to move back to the 18th Century or worse--the Dark Ages is harmful, dangerous and down right--Wrong. If Only these Right-Wing Christians, such as my former bosses, would or could understand that when the minor Prophet Malichi wrote that 'The workman is worthy of his(her) wages' - that includes people of all faiths and even no faith--that there is no one whom the True Holy Spirit would use, abuse or rip-off by not paying them a fair wage for the work that they did. 
 The Senate will debate the motion to proceed on the Paycheck Fairness Act Monday afternoon. Of course, the motion to proceed is expected to fail on Tuesday, so for all intents and purposes this is the debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act. Once it's over, Mitt Romney can heave a sigh of relief that he's managed to avoid going on the record about yet another important issue.
Republicans are attempting to use Democrats' past claims on the importance of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act against the Paycheck Fairness Act effort:    Read more

AFTER ALL, FAIR IS FAIR! IS THAT NO WHAT JESUS IS ABOVE ALL ELSE--EXCEPT LOVE.  Did not Truth and Grace come by Jesus--Jesus who taught His followers to Love one's enemies, so should not we be fair and just to all, of all walks of life as long as they are not doing any harm.

Last, but not least-->
Your garden hose may contain high levels of lead, flame retardants, heavy metals, and endocrine-disrupting phthalates and BPA. READ MORE

THIS IS WHY 'FRACKING' IS SO VERY VERY DANGEROUS!!! After all, how can we grow fresh fruit and vegetables if we are irrigating them with poisonous water--even this city dweller knows that we cannot. After all, the water and the chemicals that are in the water will become part of the fruit and or vegetable--The very same thing applies also to the animals that are raised--A SICK ANIMAL DOES NOT BECOME HEALTHY MEAT!!!