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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Solutions Part II

POLITICO: If John Boehner had his way, Republicans would stop talking about student loans and the Violence Against Women Act. The political calculus for Boehner is simple: These fights are losers for the House majority.

Dear Reader, I am passing this e-mail along because the Republican Party is and has been the problem and is becoming an even bigger problem by siding with the 'Christian Taliban'.  After all, Student Loans are vital for the future, since A College Education is the Most Effective way for the younger generation to move into the Middle Class. We can only hope and pray that The Economy Stays the #1 Issue, UNFORTUNATELY WITH ALL THE ATTACKS ON VARIOUS RIGHTS FROM THE Republican Party. It becomes Impossible to keep The Economy the #1 Issue WITHOUT SURRENDERING VARIOUS RIGHTS; Such as all the Attacks on Planned Parenthood, with all the Good they do. After all, abortions are only a very very small percent (3%) of what Planned Parenthood does--defunding Planned Parenthood is indeed 'flushing the baby down the drain with the bath water'; WHICH IS WHY WE INDEPENDENTS NEED AND MUST UNITE WITH THE DEMOCRATS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL--SINCE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ONLY WORKS FOR THE 1%=BIG BUSINESS AND THE CHRISTIAN TALIBAN=TEA PARTY=RIGHT-WING CHRISTIAN FANATICS.

Speaker John Boehner may not want to “talk” about what Republicans in Congress are doing to women, students, the middle class and seniors.

But thanks to your incredible outpouring of support, we’re going to hold these out-of-touch Republicans accountable for their extreme records.

I’m proud to report that you helped us reach 100,000 grassroots donors in the month of May. Thursday alone was our second biggest online fundraising day ever -- and with your support, I know we’ll continue to break even more records in the next five months.

The support you provide makes all of our work possible -- from funding rapid response research and advertising for our Democratic candidates, to putting field organizers on the ground, to voter protection efforts.

On behalf of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and our entire Democratic Caucus, thank you for everything you’re doing to win a Democratic Majority for President Obama.


Rep. Steve Israel

DCCC Chairman

P.S. Stay tuned for updates on more ways your grassroots activism can continue to make a difference. For right now, I hope you will sign our petition standing with President Obama for a Violence Against Women Act that protects all women.