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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taking Evironmental Action

Union of Concerned Scientists

         Here We Go Again—Another Fossil Fuel Industry Attack on Science

Dear Readers,I am passing on this e-mail, because one of the many lessons of the Japanese Disaster of over a year ago is how we are interconnected as more and more debris wash up on American and Canadian Shores.
p.s.--This brings to mind the questions--How much American and Canadian pollutions are ending up in Greenland and Europe??? And, How much Mexican/Latin and South American Pollutions are ending up in Africa???

The House of Representatives will soon vote on yet another fossil fuel industry-backed bill, attacking clean air and public health. It is critical that we stand up for strong standards based on independent science, not false economic claims from big polluters.

The Gasoline Regulations Act (H.R. 4771) is an all-out attack on our clean air and public health. The bill would force the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to give undo weight to the industry's economic claims when setting what should be, first and foremost, science-based standards that protect our health and environment.

The legislation delays standards that would save lives and save money by reducing sulfur in gasoline.

The bill also attacks standards that would limit ozone and other harmful air pollutants from power plants and global warming emissions from oil refineries. Some members of Congress may even attempt to amend the bill to prevent the EPA from moving forward with their historic draft standard to limit global warming pollution from new power plants.

Fossil fuel lobbyists and their allies in Congress are attacking the EPA with false claims about the impact that these proposed standards might have on gas prices. But we know that this bill will have no effect on fuel prices, but would have a lasting, negative impact on public health.

Congress needs to hear from Americans like you who support the EPA's efforts to protect our health from dirty energy and dirty fuels.

Tell your member of Congress: Don't block vital standards for our health and environment—vote no on the Gasoline Regulations Act.
 Take Action Today!

Chrissy Elles

alternative action 9 Best Sunsets in the World
Sometimes, you have to care for yourself so you can take action on behalf of others. For today's Secondary Action, check out nine of the best sunsets in the world!
In addition, it is all to easy with all the commercials and other ads that companies run, day in and day out for us to forget what we are fighting to preserve, most especially when various companies are constantly in our faces and so much of what needs to be saved from them is so far far away for all to many of us. After all, how many times a day do we all hear that the economy needs jobs, as if there is no such thing as 'Green Jobs'??
 9 Best Sunsets in the World

Stand Up Against Aviation Pollution
Dear Readers, I am also passing on this e-mail for the very same reason as the other--we are too interconnected not to and we and our decedents need to breath clean air.
Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of global warming pollution on the planet: already, it puts as much pollution into the atmosphere each year as the country of Germany.
To help tackle this challenge, the European Union has passed a law requiring airlines flying in and out of Europe to cut that pollution. By 2020, the law will reduce carbon pollution by an amount equivalent to taking 30 million cars off the road. Complying with the law is easy and low-cost, and it will drive technological innovation and spur demand for more fuel efficient airplanes, many of which are built here in America.
JetBut instead of supporting this modest step forward, U.S. airlines are making every effort to undermine the EU system. They’re even lobbying Congress to pass a bill that would make it illegal for them to participate--the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Prohibition Act (S.1956).
Take Action: Tell your senators to oppose S.1956 and support action to reduce pollution from aviation.
We expect airlines from China and Europe to obey U.S. laws, such as security requirements and landing fees. By the same token, U.S. airlines need to allow Europe to enforce its own laws, including accounting for their pollution. The cost of the EU law will average only $9 to $19 a ticket, or less. The airlines claim this is too much, even as some charge their passengers $25 to check a bag and make families who want to sit together pay a premium.

Thank you for everything you do to support conservation.
Keya Chatterjee
Keya Chatterjee

P.S.--In Addition-->

The 7 Habits of Highly Happy People

 The 7 Habits of Highly Happy PeopleHighly happy people all share happy habits. It’s as simple as that. The happiest people I know share seven very obvious habits. If you’re looking to expand your general happiness, you may consider adopting these in your own life. . . .

Oh,Yes, being part of the bigger picture are indeed some of my favorite things; however, my problem always seems that the bad news always feels like it out numbers/weighs the good news, so that as often as I would wish to end on a positive note or at least doing something instead of just complaining about what is wrong with the world--I confess it does not always happen--What can I say; I am still a work in progress and so is this blog--After all, as I have written before, I am learning to blog by blogging and who knows maybe--just maybe I will get up the nerve to buy a digital camera and learn to work it.


Mitt Romney: Don't Attack Firefighters, Police Officers, and Teachers

author: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

signatures so far ONLY 91--> AMERICA-WE NEED MORE!!!!!!

Here is to Hoping and Praying that more than 91 Americans can be found who care about the education of our children who are our true legacy. Here is to more than 91 Americans who can be found who care whether or not their house and/ or their neighbor's house catches on fire.  Here is to finding more than 91 Americans who care about the safety of their family and neighbors and even strangers.  

Wake Up America--Did Not 9/11 Teach Us ALL how vitally important our Safety Forces Are!!!!
In Addition, last night while I was watching TV there was an ad sponsored by Exxon the Oil Company and even they were talking about the Importance of Math and Science and how terrible that it is that the United States of America is falling behind the rest of the World--Even a Greedy Oil Company recognizes the importance of an Educated Work-Force--It is a sad day indeed when a Greedy Corporation has to teach a politician that there really are causes worth funding.