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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Here Is To Being Part Of Continuing To Kick Start the Economy

 Black Enterprise Small Business University

Are you an entrepreneur who has a small business or wants to start one? If so, check out our partner Black Enterprise's Small Business University, a completely free (you know how we love free stuff) online course that will teach you how to build, grow and nurture your business. Plus along the way, you'll get the chance to win cool prizes -- like laptops and start-up cash -- while getting top advice from tried-and-true successful entrepreneurs. Yeah, we think it sounds pretty sweet too. Learn more and sign up here »
I am not an entrepreneur and I have had problems with a previous employer, either way--I do understand and respect the fact that not all bosses are evil--They are only the few who make the news.

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Tuesday, July 31 from 1-4pm ET
Connect to today’s hot digital jobs at the premier Mashable Online Career Expo! Learn about exciting employers looking for people with skills in social media, marketing, business or technology, and chat directly with them online. Digital hiring for today’s savvy digital talent -- easier and more effective than hitting the 'apply now' button. Register here »

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