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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Afternoon--Here is to the Global Economy and Global Solutions--

The Global Solutions begin one person and family at a time. I know, because my family is there too.

Don't Wait to Escape Your Comfort Zone Don't Wait to Escape   Your Comfort Zone
Trying something new can make you happier, smarter and even more confident! Use these fun ideas for getting out of your comfort zone and discovering something new today...
Yes, I know, this is one of my weaknesses that I am still working hard to over come. This is why I am hoping and praying by This Thursday, I will find a way to use this laptop computer to video tape me playing the clarinet, which I plan on posting on You Tube.  I did my best to play with the church ensemble, but that did not work out well, since I was the newest person and had the least experience playing than anyone else there. I am hoping to find the time to practice enough to catch up with them and maybe--maybe one day to re-join the ensemble.

After all, how are any one of us going to get a new or better job or promotion or pay raise, unless we first step out of our comfort zone?

Which is why I am also passing on this e-mail-->

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Special Edition: June 18, 2012

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