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Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Morning Part II--Our Health and Wellness


Protecting Your Skin from the Summer Sun Everyone needs a little sunshine—if nothing else, for the relaxing warmth and some extra vitamin D. But caregivers need to be sure that ...
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This is so true. I remember back in the days of my miss spent youth of not being careful to put suntan lotion on the many sunburns I have had over the years. It has been along time since I had any major sun burns, but the damage most likely has already been done. This is another reason why we all must do whatever we can to keep our Carbon Footprint as small as possible and is why this blog supports the Good Works of Recyclebank--After all, this world was given to us to be our responsibility, so let us be responsible.

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After all, the warmer our world becomes the more dangerous it becomes for not only plants and animals, but for us too, which is why we also need to know more about-->


Everything You Need To Know About Skin Cancer

Summer brings bright sun and warm weather. To celebrate, we trade sweaters and boots for tank-tops and sandals. After being cooped up all winter long,...
posted by Beth Buczynski