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Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Is your Encore; this blog is one of mine.

Encore Careers
At, we draw inspiration from the people who share their encore stories. Some are already serving the greater good in encore careers; others are finding their way.
Today we’d like to showcase a few recent essays and invite you to submit one of your own:
  • Priscilla Santiago, the victim of repeated sexual abuse, is grateful she can now help others in crisis. When she got laid off from her job as a forklift operator, she re-evaluated her life, got a GED, then a college degree. She's now helping low-income people who are facing foreclosure, who are out of work, who are otherwise down on their luck. Read Santiago’s story here.
  • Twenty-four years ago, Gaston Kent lost the hearing in his right ear from an infection. Nearing his retirement at Northrop Grumman Corp. he joined the board of John Tracy Clinic, a renowned center for deaf children. Now he leads the nonprofit, finding deep satisfaction in the work. Read Kent’s story here.
  • Writer Barbara Raab realized recently she’s in “peri-retirement.” In her early 50s, she’s experiencing symptoms of unease, questioning what she will do in the years leading up to retirement and how she will pay for her retirement years. For her, the remedy has been a mix of financial planning and brainstorming about an encore career. Read Raab’s story here.
What’s your encore? Send your story to If we showcase your story on, we'll send you a signed copy of The Big Shift.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Michele Melendez

I am passing this e-mail along, because it came with a good question--"What is your encore?" Well, I don't know about anyone else, but one of my Encores is the blog--This is where I am hoping and praying to be part of leaving this world a better place, environmentally. This is where I am hoping and praying to walk the walk, not just talk the talk of the old saying--'Give a person a fish and the eat for a day; Teach them how to fish, they eat for the rest of their lives." This is where I am hoping and praying to make a difference.  After all, on thing that I will never forget that Church Service, where after another church closed down--our church pews were finally close to being filled up--so close that our pastor got so excited that he started reading from what sounded like the Republican Party Platform and the Church just went silent and the pastor could not understand why there weren't shouts of 'Amens' or 'Hallelujah' like when a pastoral retreat received--the next week the church pews were empty again--I am hoping and praying that that was not a microcosm of what is happening to Christianity. Not only that, but above all else, I am hoping and praying that this blog can be of encouragement, for the good that is possible and not just cursing the darkness.

The reason this blog is only one of mine is because this is my purpose and passion, but no paycheck, which is why I am getting enough nerve to go back on the emotional 'roller-coaster' ride of  job seeking; since as much as I enjoy my job at Wendy's, it is only a part-time job, which is not enough money, but I do enjoy it too much to quit, so I will go looking for a job that does not conflict hours.

 This is why I also do my very best to support other job seekers and small business and those who are looking to either grow a business or start a business--After all, we are a Global Economy--we are too interconnected not to be concerned about each other. We all benefit by small business growing and by more people moving into and staying in the Middle Class, when businesses under-pay their workers, we all suffer, even business. After all, what good is a warehouse full of product, no matter how well built or cheaply built, if no one can afford to buy them--or take the cleaning service, which I was in--what good is the cleaning service--no matter how under-priced it may be--if too few families can afford it--After all, the 1% can afford a live-in maid.

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