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Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Morning Challenge--2 Make An Impact

Make An Impact Take Thealternative action Tell the House to End Mountaintop-removal Mining
Tell the House to End Mountaintop-removal Mining
One of the worst results of our addiction to coal energy is mountaintop removal, which has already destroyed more than 500 peaks in one of the oldest and most biologically diverse mountain ranges on Earth. For today's Secondary Action, ask your representative to protect Appalachia from being blown to bits for coal. . . .

Please read and sign petition--Thank You 4 your time and consideration.

After all, according to Wikipedia-->
Critics contend that mountaintop removal is a disastrous practice that benefits a small number of corporations at the expense of local communities and the environment. A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) environmental impact statement finds that streams near valley fills sometimes may contain higher levels of minerals in the water and decreased aquatic biodiversity.[5] The statement also estimates that 724 miles (1,165 km) of Appalachian streams were buried by valley fills from 1985 to 2001.[5]
Blasting at a mountaintop removal mine expels dust and fly-rock into the air, which can then disturb or settle onto private property nearby. This dust may contain sulfur compounds, which some claim corrode structures and tombstones and is a health hazard.[6]
Although MTR sites are required to be reclaimed after mining is complete, reclamation has traditionally focused on stabilizing rock and controlling erosion, but not always on reforesting the area.[7] Quick-growing, non-native grasses, planted to quickly provide vegetation on a site, compete with tree seedlings, and trees have difficulty establishing root systems in compacted backfill.[5] Consequently, biodiversity suffers in a region of the United States with numerous endemic species.[8] Erosion also increases, which can intensify flooding. In the Eastern United States, the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative works to promote the use of trees in mining reclamation.[9]

This is indeed yet another reason why we Humans, especially here in Ohio, need and must get off our fossil fuel addiction and do far more with re-usable energy. After all, YES--WE DO NEED JOBS, BUT NOT AT THAT HIGH OF A COST--NOT AT THE COST OF SACRIFICING THE FUTURE.
Most especially, because the few jobs that this brings will not last long enough to be worth all the sacrifices.

But First, please remember to take Good Care of Yourself and each other--that is if you can? After all, as a Mother of two 20 something sons, when I try to talk to them about eating healthier--I get told to butt out.
5 Tips for Good Snack Habits
5 Tips for Good Snack Habits
Between-meal nibbles can help or hurt your diet. Here are 5 tips (and three recipes!) to revamp your snack habits so you can lose weight . . . Read more.
I know it definily hurts. After all, I am a CHOCO-HOLIC.

3 More Ways Exercise Keeps You Young
3 More Ways Exercise Keeps You Young
Tempted to skip your workout today? Dr. Oz and Dr. Mike have 3 heart-healthy, anti-aging exercise benefits that will keep you motivated . . . Read more.

I belong to a nearby Gym, but I don't always make it there. This is a good reminder for me, to work harder at making it there more than I have been lately. My biggest problem with making it to the Gym is that it always feels like I should be doing other things-(after all, if I am doing one thing then there are other things that I am not doing)-like keeping up with the library's computer courses and there is my Spanish book and there is the American History book--'A People's History of the United States' which I am so close to finally finishing and I am so close to learning a short song on my clarinet-which means I am so close to finally making a You Tube video and there are still bills to pay and an excellent indie movie--'Peace, Love and Misunderstanding' and (today, on way to movie drop off the laptop for my younger son to barrow) and still work my part-time job while looking for a job which will not conflict--since I like working at Wendy's, even though from what I hear-only the managers work full-time.

Bothered by Nightmares? 3 Steps to Sweet Dreams
Bothered by Nightmares? 3 Steps to Sweet Dreams
We all have occasional nightmares, but too many bad dreams can cause fatigue. Follow these 3 steps to a more restful night's sleep . . . Read more.

OH-DO I UNDERSTAND THIS!-IT IS CALLED A LACK OF SLEEP FROM CONSTANTLY WAKING UP THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! After all, after watching 'The Exorcist'-I had nightmares/anxiety attacks - fear of nightmares- for a long long time or at least it felt like a long long time. This is why I avoid horror movies with a passion, which in my book includes movies that are way too bloody to watch.  In addition to that I have also stopped watching or reading too much about the news before going to bed, after all, with all the trouble that 'Social Conservatives' like the Tea Party Movement and/or the Republican Party are constantly stirring up--I have found it difficult if not impossible to go to sleep after getting that angry at one IN-Justice or another IN-Justice, which is why before I go to bed I like watching either the 'Tonight Show' or 'Ancient Aliens', which usually don't prove their claims as well as I believe that they need to-since I am a firm believer in the theory that the farther out the claim is = the more evidence is required; but then again, at least I can watch 'Ancient Aliens' without getting too emotional to sleep or any risk of nightmares--who know one day-one day- they might even produce the evidence to prove a claim.