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Monday, April 1, 2013

In Support of the Environment Part II.

Brad Jacobson, AlterNet
New research shows that putting too much of our eggs into this energy basket could be detrimental to our future economic health. READ MORE»
THIS-This is why do need Alternative Energy--Green-Reusable Energy!!!

THIS Is Why the Koch Brothers must be Stopped>>>

By Zack Beauchamp, ThinkProgress
Every student who majors in economics and finance gets a copy of Ayn Rand’s novel. READ MORE»

And Because>>>

Koch Brothers Continue State-by-State Attempts to Stifle Growth of Renewable Energy


While Koch Industries has deployed its own lobbyists to compliment the effort, the brothers who lead the…Read More.
The Ugly Truth of Fossil Fuel is>>>>

bastardsGreedy Lying Bastards: New Film Exposes Climate Denial Machine


Greedy Lying Bastards chronicles the dirty money trail from tobacco companies paying for fake experts to attack the science linking cigarettes and cancer, through to the modern day equivalent of oil companies paying fake…Read More.

In addition there is>>>
You Could Be Seeing An Image Here! 

Keystone XL Oil Spill Risk Troubles Nebraskans, Others Who Point To Previous Spills Like Mayflower


 This--This is Why we Must End the Practice of Fracking or Else Fracking Will Be The End Of Us--Humans can live without oil and gas, but we can not live without drinking water.



By Lisa Song, InsideClimate News
The 20-inch Pegasus pipeline was carrying Wabasca Heavy crude from western Canada when it ruptured. READ MORE»