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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why We All Must Fight to Save The United States of America FROM the NRA and FROM Christian Extremists

  How The NRA Impeded The Boston Bomber Investigation                                        

 By David Cay Johnston

The intense hunt for the Boston Marathon bombers illustrates another way that the National Rifle Association helps mass murderers — by delaying how quickly they can be identified.
The inability to quickly track the gunpowders in the Boston bombs is due to government policy designed and promoted by the NRA, which has found a way to transform every massacre associated with weapons into an opportunity for the munitions companies that sustain it to sell more guns, gunpowder and bullets.
The price for such delays was put on terrible display Friday morning when the two brothers, who had been caught on video placing the bombs, killed one police officer, wounded another and carjacked a motorist, creating conditions so unsafe that the 7th largest population center in America spent Friday on lockdown.
But for the NRA-backed policy of not putting identifiers known as taggants in gunpowder, law enforcement could have quickly identified the explosives used to make the bombs, tracking them from manufacture to retail sale. That could well have saved the life of Sean Collier, the 26-year-old MIT police officer who was gunned down Thursday night by the fleeing bomb suspects.
 Had the suspects in the Boston bombings killed by slipping poison into bottled water or canned food at a factory, or lacing spinach in a field with a deadly chemical, it would have taken only minutes to a few hours to identify exactly where that food was manufactured and how it moved through the food chain.  That would have quickly narrowed the search for suspects....Read More.

But, Yet, There Are Many who still hold on to the delusion that the NRA does Good. The Question Is For Whom; Terrorists and Mass Murderers.
This is also why I am supporting Laura  in opposing>>

Protest Free Gun Giveaway - ForceChange

Laura --
          To protest the giving away of free guns.
Yes, We Americans need more Guns on the Street like we need holes in the head, which will also be the result of more Guns on the Street. But leave it to the NRA to see only $$$$$. After all, there is MONEY to be made in spreading fear.

And let us hope and pray that for the Love of Mercy, For the Love of Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace that Christanity's answer to Al Quida does not show up and rain evil on those who are morning the death of loved ones do not show up.

Tell Westboro Baptist Church Not to Picket Funerals of Boston Marathon Victims - ForceChange

Laura --
To stop the crazy people of the Westboro Baptist Church from picketing the funerals of the victims of the Boston Marathon and creating more unrest.....

Something must be done about these people, who insist on spreading Evil in the form of Hate and Torrence in the name of Jesus, whom is called in the Holy Bible>>>The Advocate, The Mediator, The Beloved....
Do they not see by this behavior that many many will be tempted to Curse Jesus out in their name.

When Will the Leaders of the Baptist Denomination Wake Up and Smell the Coffee and realize what they have going there is a group of 'Problem Children' who are doing more for the Kingdom of Hell than for the Kingdom of God, and start taking disciplinary action or else the Government Will Be Forced To Do So.