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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Morning After, yet another tragedy.

Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
It's normal to be scared, but it's worth recalling what happened after 9/11. READ MORE»

That is So Very Very True!! After all, Lord knows there are many Caucasian Christian 'Problem Children' in the World, too. Each and Every Ethnic Group has their share of Heroes and Villains, Saints and Sinners, and Plenty who are simply Average. 

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail, because as of today, we do not know who did this evil. We do not know what their motives were or what ethnic group that they belong to. What this Erik Rush has forgotten is if the people were Christian>would that justify killing every American Christian-NO!!!! Whoever committed this evil must be brought to justice--Not Any Ethnic Group to Genocide. TWO EVILS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!!!!

Frequent Fox News contributor Erik Rush got into a Twitter exchange shortly after yesterday’s apparent bombing to declare of Muslims: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”
Rush is only one of many right-wing commentators to jump to the immediate conclusion that the tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon were the result of Islamic terrorism, but his “Kill them all” comment is so far over the line that Fox must distance itself from Rush’s violent bigotry.
Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims of yesterday’s violence and their families. It’s a shame that we need to respond to such hate the very next day, but we do -- Rush’s brand of bigotry must be called out and answered.
Erik Rush is a WorldNetDaily columnist and, frankly, this is the kind of thing one would expect from a prominent voice on that site, which is a festering cesspool of right-wing bigotry and fringe conspiracy theories. But Fox News, albeit known for its right-wing bent, is a major news outlet and when it gives a podium to a hatemonger like Rush it legitimizes him and his views.

While the First Amendment protects Rush’s right to spout whatever venomous hate speech he wants, it doesn’t guarantee him a spot on a major news network. Rush has a right to say what he wants, but the public has the right to be outraged and demand action from one of his outlets.
Fox News must be held accountable for any further association with Erik Rush.
After PFAW’s Right Wing Watch called much attention to Rush’s tweet yesterday, Rush responded with a non-apology on Twitter saying that liberals’ “precious Islamists say the same [‘kill them all’] about us EVERY DAY,” and tried to play off his original comment as a type of “sarcasm.”
Speak up! No one should, especially in the immediate aftermath, be exploiting a tragedy like yesterday’s to advance a hateful agenda of bigotry and fear.
Thank you for all you do.
-- Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

I can not nor will not end this post on a downer. After all, for me, it is depressing how quickly we Americans turn to hate. But, It does feel so good to do good, So let us do some good for the Environment, so I am passing on this e-mail.

Something Is Not Right
Ocean Acidity
While it is not certain what the total environmental impact of 250 years of excess carbon dioxide emissions will be, our planet’s oceans are already feeling the hurt.

Earth’s oceans continue to absorb as much as a quarter of excess CO2 emissions -- about 530 billion tons -- resulting in higher acidity levels and a serious disruption in the marine animal food chain. This spring, more than 1,000 malnourished sea lion pups have beached on the California coast. Though scientists have not yet settled on a root cause, low food stocks are likely to be part of the problem.

Action needs to be taken. Right now, go sign the petition to designate additional Marine Protected Areas -- "national parks for the sea" -- providing marine life with refuge and a fighting chance against this emerging threat.
 Take Action!