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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yes, We Can--Yes, We Can!!! Save both the Global Economy and the Global Environment.

As those Americans, who have not already filled out and paid their taxes, get ready to do so. Let us continue to rebuild this Global Economy so that we can fix this mess that we Humans have made, be it called Climate Change or Global Warming or just plain Pollution. No matter what it is called, It is still our Responsibility to fix, because we broke it.

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 After all, if the Economy goes down hill on family at a time, then it can be re-built one family at a time.
Who knows, maybe, just maybe, if enough of us got together, we might just be able to save each and every financial center, be it America's Wall Street or Russia's Whatever or Greece's Whatever or France's Whatever . . .  All around this planet that we call Earth, so that No One, Absolutely No One Gets Left Behind. After all, leaving anyone behind is something that No One Can Afford To Do.

Australia Reaches 1 Million Home PV Panels Milestone SOLAR ENERGY NEWS | APRIL 11, 2013 BY BRIAN

Ruth --

"As of last month, over 1 million home solar systems have been installed across Australia, for a total capacity of almost 2.5 GW...." ! Great! Keep up the good work ! Please note, share, post.

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You, Very Very Much Australia!!!!!!

 Walgreens Partners With SolarCity to Add PV to 22 Colorado Stores SOLAR ENERGY NEWS | APRIL 9, 2013 BY BRIAN

Ruth - -

"National drugstore chain Walgreens has announced it will partner with SolarCity to install solar power systems on 22 Colorado stores." SUPER ! Please note, share, and post !
THANK YOU, Walgreens and THANK YOU, Colorado, for reminding the rest of the United States that Yes, We Can Is Still True Today, as when President Obama was elected and re-elected.