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Friday, August 24, 2012

T.G.I.F. In the morning.

What exactly makes you a "role model" in the black community? READ MORE»

 Yes, Everyone should be involved in this campaign, as much as possible. Because this election may very well be the greatest turning point in American History--Do we continues into the 21st Century with President Obama or do we go back to the 18th century when the Inquisition was alive and well and acted out with Romney/Ryan--Am I exaggerating--NO!!! After all, look at the Anti-Abortion Amendment that they are proposing--IT WILL END ALL ABORTIONS EVEN IN RAPE AND INCEST--Thus mandating that a victim of rape bare this Criminal's child. As If That is Justice!!!

Rockers scold Ryan for misunderstanding their music, while the world fawns over Russian self-styled punks Pussy Riot. Who says political music is dead? READ MORE»
By Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet
 Yes, this is the first time that I am posting about Pussy Riot. After all, I must confess I do not follow the Punk Music Scene at all. (What can I say--The reason that this blog is called Watercolors Angel is because Watercolors is the name of my favorite Smooth Jazz Radio Station.) But, just because I don't listen to it, does not mean by any means that no one should listen to it. All music where someone has something to say--As long as it is constructive--Should be considered another form of Freedom of Speech, That is as long as I does not spread Hate or advocate Killing. The Sad reality is there are some groups who would abuse their Freedom of Speech to advocate Racism, Sexism and AntiSemitism among other Evils.

Speaking of Songs--IF you have not seen or heard of "One More Term" on you tube--You Are Truly Missing Something--It Is Truly a Must Watch Video.

 With What is happening in American Politics and All Around the World,  I am now where near surprised that insomnia's on the rise. After all, with me, when I read something that angers me, I am no where near ready for a good night's sleep. That is why I have made it a point to stay off the computer before bedtime and to watch only what is relaxing--to avoid broadcast television, where the most political ads are.  Thank God, when this election is finally over and done with. This election no doubt will go down in history as the dirtiest and the nastiest and the longest all Thanks to the Supreme Court and the Conservative PAC's who started the mud slinging even before the November 2011 election.

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