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Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Part I--Save Our Environment!!!!

today's action Reject Keystone XL 2.0
TransCanada, the energy giant trying to bisect the United States with a reckless tar-sands pipeline, has submitted a new application to build Keystone XL.

If this dangerous plan sounds familiar, that's because it is. Oil giants have tried time and time again to push through plans for Keystone XL, and time and time again our outcry has protected our environment from the potential devastation. But they are not giving up.

It's time again to make sure this disastrous project doesn't get off the ground. For today's Daily Action, tell the State Department that Keystone XL should get scrapped permanently.
THIS COSTS More than it is worth--therefore it is worth passing on and even risking passing on again and again--until our drinking water is safe from Corporate Greed.