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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For Your Consideration--Please Join Me in Fighting the Good Fight--Thank You.

Everyone knows someone who is, wants to, or will be changing jobs now or in the future. It is a fact. It is a tough experience requiring stamina and creativity. It also helps to have someone in your corner.
Yes, we do at that and/or are underemployed, which is almost as bad, but yet in other ways worst, since there are no underemployment benefits--So Here Is To Hoping This Helps.

The Interview Doctor can help!

We hope this article adds to your knowledge and creativity. At 276 words, it will be an investment of less over one minute!
First Three Things to do When

Your Spouse is Laid Off 

Losing your own job is tough. Lord knows I know the feeling. But it is so much worse when your spouse is impacted. You feel so helpless because there is little you can do to make him or her feel better. Here are a few things you can do to be supportive:
  1. Get drunk, together! Take a moment to drown your sorrows. If you don't drink find some other inexpensive way to commiserate. But only a moment. You have hard work to more
 In Addition, there is-->
Started by: Gail Leeks and, Oakland, California
Like vultures, Wells Fargo waited.

The house that my mother, Marjorie Gibson, owned is the only home our family has had for over two generations. I know she wanted me to have the house to live in and take care of my grandchildren in because she left it to me in her will. But after I cremated her, while tears where not yet dried on our cheeks, Wells Fargo moved to foreclose on her house.

Wells Fargo claims to have spoken to my mother while she was on her deathbed. But I know she was too weak to talk because I was there, caring for her.  They claimed they served her the Notice of Default but it was served three months after she had died. Now the bank refuses to acknowledge me as an executor of the estate and title holder of the house. They have refused to communicate with anyone other than my dead mother.

My name is Gail Leeks. I am 65 years old and I have no retirement and I am still working full-time to support myself, my children, and my grandchildren. This home is the only thing I have and without it I will be homeless. 

My family is doing everything we can to keep this home. I am capable of paying the mortgage but the bank refuses to talk to me or give me any information, even though I've sent them document after document proving it. I even sent them a check for $5000 and they returned it to me with a letter saying that it was not enough -- but they will not tell me how much IS enough.
                                                                           So Please Sign-->
Help Gail stop Wells Fargo from foreclosing on her dead mother's home.
Sign Gail's Petition

Thank You and there is more--> After all, how can we take care of the Planet and Her animals, If we first do not provide for our fellow Humans.
Protect The Endangered Arctic
Help Save Africa's Lions From Becoming Extinct!
The Arctic's pristine waters are home to a highly sensitive ecosystem, including many endangered species. As if the rising temperatures caused by global climate change aren't enough, now whales, polar bears, seals and other creatures are facing the threat of irresponsible oil drilling and development in the Arctic Ocean.

The impacts of a potential oil spill in this region are not well-understood or fully researched, and the rush to drill will put the Arctic and its animal inhabitants in unnecessary peril.

We cannot afford another large-scale disaster like the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Write to U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and ask him to carefully consider the impact of opening the Arctic region to drilling.
 Take Action!