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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Part II--More about the Economy and Jobs

This Week's Best Conversations From Our Small Business Forum      
  QuestionWhat’s the Best Way to Reach Potential Customers?

AnswerEvery business' needs are different, it depends on your business, your target market, your goals, what you are doing now to market... See the full thread

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  QuestionImproving Template Based Website's SEO

Answer I suggest to you if this is your main source of income to do some homework on finding the BEST keywords you can that you can rank for AND still bring in traffic. Honestly if you are trying to rank for the keywords that I see listed now from your site you wont make it. They are way to broad. See the full thread

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  QuestionWhat is the best advertising bang for your buck?
Answer In terms of advertising I would say depends on how your audience wants to receive your content. I know of these various forms...See the full thread
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