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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday-Again--I must keep it short

I have a feeling that this is the best advice that I can give myself to not only loss weight but also to DE-stress--So I will simply pass on this advice.

Thank God, my older son returns tonight and he can tell me what to do with this laptop.



Twist Your Way to Fitness

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Have you checked out the classes being offered at your local gyms lately? If so, you may have noticed the increasing popularity of the trademarked Gyrokinesis form of exercise. Often described as a combination of the stretching and mind-body techniques of yoga plus the core strengthening of Pilates, the Gyrokinesis method features dancelike movements that flow fluidly from one position to the next. The main idea is to use the seven natural elements of spinal movement—bending forward, backward, to the left side and to the right side…twisting left and right…and circular movement.
This unique method of exercise has a surprising number of health benefits. For instance, it allows for increased...