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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Watercolors Angel,

Thanks for speaking out against right-wing hit man James O'Keefe and his fraudulent tactics!

Please help spread the word and encourage others to take this action and call for a thorough investigation into O'Keefe and his operatives.

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Thanks again for your activism!

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Well, I may have a Facebook account--Beknown--a.k.a. the job seeking sight of Facebook (which I remember using to place applications and I do remember getting an interview or two--but I did not get my job through Beknown, but rather the old fashioned way of pounding the pavement). Back to the point I was about to make, since I don't really Facebook, do not twitter. However, I do have this Blog, with any luck and a wing and a prayer this will do some good.
p.s. This is a continuation from the second half of Jan. 13, 2012 blog.


"YouToo can earn £100,000 on YouTube"

"Uploading a video clip on to YouTube of your toddler getting up to mischief can win over a cooing international audience and earn big money. Here's how ..."

As active as I am in politics, even though I am not really sure what I should call myself--Moderate, Liberal or Progressive. After all, I grew up and lived most of my life in Cuyahoga County, where compared to most people, I was right of center, so I always thought myself to be a Moderate. However, I now live in a condominium development where most people are far more conservative than I am, I guess that makes me either a Liberal or a Progressive or just a Moderate Christian who cares deeply about the environment and is trying to truly be my brother's/ sister's keeper. 
Then again, there is much more to me than just politics, as I get ready for my first clarinet lesson, which I will take at least three, so that I will do more real playing, when we instrumentalist play for the church service.  Last year, about this time I had the notion of making a You Tube video of my playing the clarinet, maybe I will again, but then--being a video and since I hope to make a You Tube video that is actually entertaining, I will have to learn to add some kind of visual effects, since I do not want to bore anyone.