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Friday, January 13, 2012

Good-Bye, One Life To Live

Good-Bye to the Soap Opera, One Life to Live, which I confess I did not watch much of, even though it aired from 1968-1/13/2012.
What I remember about One Life to Live was that it was one of my Late-Mother's favorite soap operas, back in the day when Mom's watched soap operas like we modern women watch 'The View'.
I remember way back when soap operas were soo popular that the Noon News on WEWS-5, had their own 'Soap Opera Columnist' Linda Hirsch I believe she was, but haven't seen nor heard from her for years, if not decades. Linda Hirsch, whose name I probably misspelled. I remember when she came to Maple Hts Sr. High School to talk Soap Operas live. I remember because I escorted my Mother so that she would not get lost, must have been my senior year, since that was the only year of high school where I was alone, since my sister was away at college.
Back to my point, I remember when ever we had a day off of school, be it holiday or service (Teacher's Meetings), I remember my Mom watching 'The Morning Exchange' with then Liz Richards, Joel Rose and Fred Griffith. Followed by The Phil Donahue Show and Soap Operas and more news.
The best part of the Noon News then was the late, great Dorthy Fuldhiem, who was the best commentary person on television at the time. She even made guest appeariences on 'The Tonight Show', back when Johnny Carson was the host.
The Soap Operas that I remember her watching were--Ryan's Hope, One Life to Live, All My Children, The Edge of Night, and occasionally As the World Turns, Guilding Light and Somerset, which was one of the few that I liked along with my personal favorite--> Dark Shadows; What can I say; I had a crush on David Shelby who was the family 'werewolf' of the Collins' Family. They were all fond memories, Thanks to my Mother and Older Sister; not so much my late Father. After all, he came home from work after all the soap operas were over with and when he was home on vacation, he had better things to do than to watch soap operas, which usually centered around the family car in one way or another, either maintenance or washing, more than that I do not remember
I guess times have changed too much and too few still watch Soap Operas, too few of us have the time or energy to invest in remembering all the ins and outs of each story line. After all, My Mother had my Father, who had each other and were better organized than I am.  Then again, who does have time to follow fictional story lines when we have the real life dramas of Global Recession, Global Climate Change due to Global Warming, not to forget this is Primary Season with all the drama that goes with it. Such as--->

James O'Keefe is a right-wing hit man. His deceptively edited undercover videos have been used by Fox News and Andrew Breitbart to attack NPR and Planned Parenthood and destroy ACORN. This week in New Hampshire, he and his accomplices violated the law.
According to news reports, O'Keefe sent his undercover operatives to commit fraud in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. They went to polling stations, falsely presented themselves, and requested ballots under the names of recently deceased voters — a violation of state and federal law. O'Keefe even posted a video of their exploits on YouTube.

O'Keefe badly wants to convince Americans that voter fraud — an extremely rare phenomenon — is a pressing threat to our democracy. So badly, in fact, that he reportedly sent his own agents out to commit fraud. The reason is simple — he wants fewer Americans to vote.

Click here to tell the Attorney General and U.S. Attorney in New Hampshire to investigate O'Keefe's fraud.

In state after state, right-wing lawmakers are passing unnecessarily onerous rules on how and when people can vote. They are disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of mostly poor, minority and young Americans in the process.

O'Keefe, who is already on probation for tampering with a Democratic Senator's phone system, has shown that he is willing to go to any length to advance his right-wing agenda. He must be held to account for his actions.

Fortunately we already have effective state and federal laws that prevent and punish voter fraud while allowing eligible Americans to cast their ballots. O'Keefe should learn that the hard way.

Call on Attorney General Michael Delaney and U.S. Attorney John Kacavas to investigate right-wing fraud James O'Keefe.

-- Michael Keegan, President

 And right now the Republicans are fighting each other for the nomination. This is going to be a long year for those of us who live in various 'Battle Ground States' such as my own state of Ohio.