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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Part II--From The Ohio Republican Campaign Drive to My Late Father

Dear E****d,

  "Your name was submitted to me at our party headquarters as someone in Stow who is deeply comitted to the goals and highest ideals of the Republican Party". 

To bad that did not include the fact that this man passed away on May 10, 2010, after spending 3-4 weeks in the hospital.

"Every year at this critical fountain-building time, we contact citizens in Stow. . . . "
But, they have yet to realize that my Father, the Republican of the family, passed away.

 "While the Republican Party and our candidates  made major gains  in the 2010 elections, President Obama and the Democrats are still in control of our government.  Right now we must focus on defeating Barack Obama and winning the Senate Majority in the 2012 Elections"

Yes, they made such major gains that they did not realize that they made the gains without my Father. As sure as they have been causing trouble and causing trouble, instead of doing their jobs of legislating.

"As you know, Ohio has a nationally targeted Senate Race this year.  Our prime objective is to support our Party's efforts to ensure that our Republican candidates  have the support they need to win . . . ."
Of course, we know Ohio is a battle ground state, The U.S, Chamber of Commerce have been campaigning Against Dem. Sen. Sherrod Brown and President Barack Obama since before the Election of November 8, 2011. All kinds of money has already been spent on defeating both men by 'so-called job creators' , instead of creating jobs which they claim 'the rich' do.

With any luck and a Wing and a Prayer Someone Anyone at the In the Stow Republican Party will wake up and smell the coffee and realize that my Father passed away. But then again, why should they be any more compedent than the rest of the Republican Party, who seem to be determined to go back to the 'Dark Ages'.